Benefits Of The Shotcrete Method In Constructing Roofs

October 15, 2021

Benefits Of The Shotcrete Method In Constructing Roofs

Shotcrete technology is slowly replacing the conventional methods of cement application. Be it swimming pools or a bridge, shotcrete technology is booming in the architectural and construction industry for providing amazing cement application services, even in the difficult to reach areas of the structure. Shotcrete has proven beneficial for constructing the roofs of different buildings with enough strength to last a lifetime. Cement applied with this method can easily endure harsh weather conditions.

Many construction workers and owners are skeptical about this new technology and are relying on the same old methods of concrete application. However, they are not aware of the benefits it gives on top of better strength and quick applicability. This blog post talks about the benefits of the shotcrete method in roofing and how it can create durable roof structures.

Shotcrete Technology Is Weather Proof

Canada has diverse weather and many areas receive heavy rainfall, snowfall, and even hurricanes. It becomes necessary for homeowners to build a roof with sturdy materials to withstand such extreme weather conditions. Shotcrete technology gives your roof the support it needs in such times.

Shotcrete is 50% stronger than similarly reinforced masonry, and its application even in hard to reach locations makes it a go-to choice for many construction projects. Shotcrete application is weatherproof and can withstand hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and termites.

It Lasts Longer

You may have seen a concrete roof fall apart before as its inner structure is exposed or the cement breaks. When this happens it usually means that the applied materials were either of not good quality or were incorrectly applied. The shotcrete method, on the other hand, is quite strong, and no formwork is required.

Concrete is sprayed directly onto the steel space frame. There is no need for a built-up roofing membrane. This means that the mixture adheres strongly to the structure, making the final product much stronger than the traditional methods of cement application. Such strength helps structures last for many years.

It Gives Better Thermal Insulation

Another advantage of the shotcrete method is better thermal insulation. The shotcrete method contains millions of tiny air cells that provide amazing thermal insulation. Therefore, it doesn’t require additional insulating material. These cells reduce noise transfer as well. So, this quality makes it quite useful for roof projects near high traffic areas as it will help in noise reduction.

Its Fire Resistant

When the shotcrete method was first developed, it was tested for fire resistance. It showed signs of weakening after 12 hours. Therefore, this means that it can withstand such extreme temperatures for hours and provide you with the strength you need for your roof.

It Is An Energy Efficient Choice

Another great benefit of the shotcrete method for constructing roofs is that it slowly transfers the heat. This feature prevents the loss of energy in both the summer and winter. During the summer, the heat from outside will not penetrate the roof while in winter, it will keep your indoors warm.

It Is Faster

If you are thinking of building your house as soon as possible or have a small timeline, it is better to go for the shotcrete method. It dries very quickly so the operator can dust the next coat without having to wait to let it dry. This means it can complete the walls and roofs much faster than the other methods where you would have to wait for hours or days for it to dry.

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