Benefits Of The Shotcrete Method In Soil Retention

November 10, 2021

Benefits Of The Shotcrete Method In Soil Retention

Shotcrete technology is on the rise in the construction industry due to its countless benefits. It is not only an easy procedure to apply concrete but also gives better strength and durability.

Shotcrete technology is also used for shoring purposes in the construction industry.

The shoring process is necessary to support buildings, trenches, vessels, and other infrastructures which might be on the verge of collapsing. Shotcrete technology can help in supporting such areas and prevent them from collapsing. This blog post highlights some of the effective benefits of using the shotcrete method in shoring and how it can help soil retention.

What Is Shoring?

The shoring process is commonly used in the construction industry to support a building or any other infrastructure supported using concrete. Shoring can be done vertically, horizontally, or at any angle. The shoring process is most often used to support a structure to prevent the retained soil from overturning and causing project mishaps. Different types of shoring methods used for supporting structures are:

  • H or I-Beam Shoring
  • Secant Pile Shoring
  • Contiguous Pile Shoring
  • Sheet Piles
  • Diaphragm Walls

Benefits Of Shotcrete In Shoring

Shotcrete helps to build a temporary or permanent structure for the support of a building. It is a good solution for earth retention and shoring for excavations. Other benefits of shotcrete in this process include:

Helps In Slope Stabilization

Shotcrete shoring involves the method of reinforced earth soil nailing designs. Along with this, it uses the meshed shotcrete to stabilize rock and soil masses. In this process, the engineers tie the system together and distribute the anchor loads.

This helps to control soil loss, which remains intact in its place. The reinforcement gives better strength, and thus the support for the infrastructure is also quite strong.

It Helps In The Reduction Of Materials Used

Shotcrete technology uses fiber reinforcement. This method includes steel fibers along with a concrete spray for a better support structure. In some cases, it might be difficult to position the mesh or rebar at a uniform position.

Shotcrete technology helps to build a uniform cover to the mesh. The use of fiber and shotcrete helps in the reduction of the material used and gives better strength.

Bonding Onto Irregular Surfaces

Manual application of concrete doesn’t give enough strength and accuracy. The bonding of shotcrete to other materials is often much stronger when the material is pneumatically propelled.

It causes the concrete to stick to the irregular surfaces and gives good adhesion to the surfaces. This adhesion is quite useful for vertical surfaces where the concrete application might be difficult.

Reduction In Labor

Another great benefit of shotcrete technology in soil retention and shoring is that it takes less labor to complete the job. Shotcrete reinforcement with mesh takes fewer skills and time, which ultimately reduces the overall cost of your project.

Otherwise, such kinds of projects will require special skills and experienced labor, which can become too costly for the project owners to take on, especially for shoring purposes.

Protection Of Exposed Rocks

The shotcrete method protects exposed layers of rocks as they might deteriorate with time when exposed to the sun for a long time. The rocks on the slant angles under a building are important for the support of the building. Shotcrete is used to protect such rock layers and add to their strength for better soil retention.

How Can SprayForce Concrete Help?

SprayForce Concrete is offering professional shotcrete services in Calgary. We offer shotcrete services for several projects, including soil retention. The protection of neighboring fences, swales, trees, electrical boxes, power poles, and sidewalks during excavation is made possible by our shotcrete method.

We help in proper line retaining wall construction with the use of our latest tools and equipment. SprayForce Concrete Services Ltd. has been providing shotcrete soil retention (shotcrete shoring) in the Calgary area since 2010. We are COR certified and a member of the American Shotcrete Association and also have three ACI-certified nozzlemen. If you want to avail of our professional shotcrete services, get in touch with us here.

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