What Are Some Common Applications Of The Shotcrete Method?

November 25, 2021

What Are Some Common Applications Of The Shotcrete Method?

The shotcrete method is booming in the construction industry. One of the main reasons behind this is that it offers numerous benefits over traditional methods of cement applications in terms of cost, convenience, and time. The shotcrete method is quite useful when it comes to building sturdy construction structures.

A properly applied shotcrete material is durable and structurally sound. Moreover, it also covers the entire application area and doesn’t leave any uncovered spaces.

The shotcrete method is quite useful when you want strength and better resistance to weather. It is also resistant to many chemical attacks and thus helps form a strong structure for years to come.

However, the selection of your shotcrete method should be based on careful observations and the assessment of the site. The success of the shotcrete method depends on the contractor’s ability to assess the place and then remain attentive while application takes place.

Therefore, hiring an experienced contractor who knows the pre-steps for shotcrete is necessary. SprayForce Concrete is one of the most reliable shotcrete contractors in Calgary. We offer you shotcrete expertise and careful advice on the shotcrete methods.

This blog post details the various applications of the shotcrete method.

Shotcrete Is Used To Repair

Repairing and renovation can take much more time than expected. After all, you have to match the new application with the already applied one or re-create the original designs. In such matters, the shotcrete method can be useful for repairing the damaged surfaces of concrete, wood, or steel structures.However, this depends on whether there is access to the surface needing repair. It can be used to repair architectural buildings, bridges, pillars, and more.

Moreover, the shotcrete method is also useful for beam repairs of flexible depths, caps, columns, abutments, wing walls, and under decks from the angle of technique and cost. Such points are hard to repair when using the usual method of concrete application. However, with the fast and precise application of shotcrete, it is possible to repair even those hard-to-reach places. Other places where the shotcrete method can be used to repair include:

  • Bridge repairs
  • Marine structure repairs
  • Spillway surfaces

It Is Used In Underground Excavations

This one might not be a common application but is quite useful. This method is now becoming common in underground excavations. Many companies have successfully used this method to advance tunnels through altered, cohesionless, and loose soils. It also involves installing temporary and permanent linings, channeling water flows, sealing rock surfaces, and more.

It Is Used To Build New Structures

Building new construction structures from scratch and ensuring they are strong enough requires careful planning and the right methods. The shotcrete method can be effectively used to transform your designs into reality. They are used to construct new buildings, pools, tanks, walls, domes, and more. The outcome of shotcrete construction is quite durable and strong.

Shotcrete Is Used In Slope Protection

Another amazing use of the shotcrete method is that it is used in the slope protection process. Those unprotected rock surfaces that will deteriorate when exposed to the atmosphere are protected by this shotcrete method. This prevents them from falling or sliding, preventing damage to property and roads nearby.

It Is Used In High-Temperature Construction

The strong application of material and cement is necessary for high-temperature construction structures. Such structures might include kilns, chimneys, furnaces, etc. Shotcrete is durable enough to withstand these temperature conditions.

Get Your Shotcrete Services From SprayForce Concrete

Shotcrete is the most versatile concrete product in the construction industry today. It can be used for soil retention (shoring), structural shotcrete, decorative rockwork, and infrastructure repairs.

SprayForce Concrete is a reliable shotcrete contractor that not only offers its services in Calgary but also in other surrounding areas such as Airdrie, Banff, Canmore, Chestermere, Cochrane, and the surrounding area, as well as Edmonton, Lethbridge, and Saskatoon. We are COR certified and a BBB – A+ accredited business. Our ACI – certified nozzleman have over ten years of experience providing complete shotcrete services. Call us today to learn more about our services.

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