Common Mistakes To Avoid When Applying Concrete In The Winter

October 7, 2021

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Applying Concrete In The Winter

Increasing population, societal competition, and many other factors play an important role in the ever-growing number of construction and buildings. Previously, such constructions were only carried out in suitable weather circumstances and under the right conditions. Now, people are building and carrying out construction projects year round. Starting a construction project during the winter season is not without its challenges, and you must be prepared for any unexpected situation during the process.

Concrete mixing, application, and drying is a technical process that should be carried by a professional. Any mistake can lead to the catastrophic failure of the construction project, causing costly damages to the project and the reputation of the construction company. This is even more important to consider in the winter as cold weather can affect the processes.

Therefore, you must know how to carry out the correct concrete process during winter. There are many other techniques available for smooth and easy concrete application, such as shotcrete. This blog post highlights the common mistakes one might make while applying concreting during the winter season and what you can do.

Placing The Concrete On A Cold Surface

One of the common mistakes that construction labourers make is placing the concrete on frozen ground. This cold temperature can cause cracks when the frozen ground settles upon thawing. Moreover, if the area below the concrete is colder, it will take more time to dry.

So, the upper layer will dry up quicker than the lower one, and the base won’t be as strong as you need it to be. Maintaining an ideal level of temperature is important to ensure the right final product. The recommended temperature is around 10°C to avoid the ground from becoming too cold for concrete application.

Relying Only On Traditional Methods

While traditional methods are not completely obsolete, you can opt for better and more advanced concrete application methods that many updated construction companies offer. For instance, the shotcrete concrete application method is a popular application procedure that effectively applies concrete into almost every place.

From soil nail walls, slope stabilization, erosion protection, structural walls, and architectural rock, you can use this method to complete your construction projects in less time. Concrete through the shotcrete method is placed in thin layers. So, in this method, you must also protect it from freezing. However, because it is placed in thin layers, it can dry up during the process, making it much stronger when compared to those that were placed using more traditional methods.

Not Using Heaters

Winter can be harsh on concrete and not let it set the way it should. Any change and fluctuation in the appropriate temperature can cause weak structure or cracks. Many people rely on natural heat in the winter to let their concrete mix dry. Drying up concrete requires appropriate temperature management to form the final solid structure. Therefore, your company should use heating procedures to dry up the concrete mix. Make sure not to overheat it though as this can lead to a weak structure. Heating and keeping the concrete warm is necessary for the best results.

Not Working During Daytime Hours

Many construction companies are irresponsible and delay their work until night. Conducting construction work while it is dark might be suitable during the summer, however in winter, working after daylight hours can become more chilly, and therefore, create problems for the cement. So, it is advisable to have your concrete poured during the day even if you are using the shotcrete method because it needs time and warmth to set in its place.

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