Common Types Of Shotcrete Shoring

June 16, 2022

Common Types Of Shotcrete Shoring

Shoring is a magical technique used to strengthen walls and structures. The process has been used to strengthen buildings for years. Still, most people have no knowledge about the benefits shoring bestows upon us. The shotcrete shoring technique is being used on the walls of buildings, farms, yards, swimming pools and more.

Shotcrete shoring walls are not only used in old structures but are also used on new structures. The shoring techniques help in creating stable, safe and strong yet economical structures. Constructors can create huge shotcrete shoring walls on a very low budget. Thus, it does not affect the overall construction cost. So, the constructors can design a strong building within budget using shotcrete shoring techniques.

There are different types of shotcrete shoring. Each type is equally useful and provides equal strength to the construction. The engineers usually decide the type that should be used according to the structure and requirements of the structure. For example, the shotcrete shoring for a temporary structure will be different from the shoring done on a damaged structure. So, the engineers have to decide at the time of construction the type suitable for the safety of the construction.

Secant Pile Shoring

Secant pile shoring is used for continuous wall construction. This type of shoring is used for the construction of deep excavation walls. The piles are created in sets.

The primary pile is constructed in the first step and after that, the second pile is created. Drilling is a part of the secondary step. Once it is constructed the drilling process is completed to insert the cages into the pile. Once the cages are installed successfully the concrete can be added to the structure to make a strong wall from it. The addition of piles before and after the concrete layer makes it more safe and strong than simple walls. Steel cages also help in strengthening the structure so that it is in its strongest form.

Beam Shoring

This is a type of shoring in which soldier walls are created. It is the most commonly used method by constructors due to its strong structure. The shoring includes the installation of steel structures in the soil base. The steel structures are then covered with the concrete panel. This makes the wall stronger. The pillars are also designed on this idea thus making a stronger structure for the whole building.

Tangent Shoring

In this type of shoring the piles are directly installed in the wall structure with small spaces between them. This is then covered with concrete which creates a structure strong enough to withstand the weight of the building as well as the elements of nature.

This shoring technique is required in dry places where water is in low quantity and dry filling is required. The shoring might not give good results in areas with high water content in the atmosphere. The amount of water added to tangent pile shoring walls is considered by the constructors so that the wall is strong and rigid.

Sheet Pile Shoring

Sheet pile shoring is a more suitable method for places with higher water content in the atmosphere. It is a common method that is used in the construction of a pool, pond and port. It helps to redistribute water across different areas. Walls that have been designed for water blockage most likely have sheet pile shoring. As this is the best technique for creating a strong wall in water.

The wall includes sheet piles in a special arrangement and are attached together to make a strong structure for the wall.

The only drawback of this type of shoring is that the piles do not go very deep therefore, they can create an unsafe structure. For this purpose, diaphragm walls can be used in the same manner to make the walls safe.

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