OG Concrete Problems And How To Fix Them

December 8, 2022


Concrete is an integral part of every construction project. Due to its durability and sustainability, it has become quite popular among construction contractors.

Since it adds strength to any residential or commercial building, it has become the preferred choice of every concrete contractor.

Previously, concrete contractors used the traditional way of applying concrete, but now due to the boom in technology, there have been many innovations in the concrete industry. As we speak, concrete contractors use the shotcrete method for applying concrete in hard-to-reach areas.

Shotcrete has become quite popular among concrete contractors. Since the concrete is sprayed, it can easily be applied to hard-to-reach areas.

Although it may seem easier to shotcrete your residential and commercial buildings, it is not that simple. You need experience and skills to use the shotcrete method. Therefore, you should hire a professional concrete contractor from a certified shotcrete company for all your concrete projects.

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With all these benefits, there are some common concrete problems that occur due to harsh weather conditions and improper maintenance.

This blog post will outline the common concrete problems that you might encounter and how you can fix such problems.


The discolouration is one of the most common concrete problems that almost every project owner or contractor faces. This is typically caused due to improper installation techniques. When you hire inexperienced concrete contractors, you usually end up with discoloured concrete slabs.

So if you see the light/dark patches or stains on your concrete, it is a sign that the concrete installation was not done correctly. Also, as soon as you spot discolouration, it is imperative to address the issue immediately. Otherwise, it will spread throughout the entire concrete slab.

The best way to cure concrete discoloration is by hiring a certified concrete contractor. Since they are experienced and skilled, they know how to deal with such problems.


Another common problem that occurs in concrete is cracks. The concrete cracks usually start from the surface and spread throughout the concrete slab.

These cracks indicate that the concrete’s sustainability and durability are being hampered, and you need to fix the issue immediately. Or else it can cause serious destruction.

Typically cracks in concrete occur due to improper practices such as hiring an uncertified concrete contractor or using low-quality materials. So if you don’t want your concrete to crack, then make sure to hire a professional concrete contractor for all your structural shotcrete needs and architectural projects.

Moreover, you need to make sure that as soon as you spot a crack, you need to fix it. Otherwise, if it reaches the subgrade, then you will have to replace the entire concrete structure in order to restore its durability and strength.

However, the small cracks can be cured easily by removing the loose material from the damaged area and filling it with concrete. Also you can even use a sealant patch to cure the damaged area.


Curling happens when there is a difference in moisture and temperature of the concrete and the surfaces. When concrete curling occurs, the concrete slab is disconnected from the base.

If you want to avoid concrete curling, then you need to hire a professional concrete contractor, as they know proper curling techniques and will use high-tech methods to avoid concrete curling.


This concrete problem is usually observed when people use de-icing salts on concrete in winter. All such concrete surfaces start showing signs of scaling.

The concrete surface will keep on scaling until you hire a professional concrete contractor or do something to repair the surface. Scaling reduces the concrete’s durability and affects the structure’s sustainability. So before scaling reaches all parts of your structure, it is essential to fix it immediately.

A common solution to deal with this concrete problem is adding a new layer of concrete onto the surface. For this, you will ideally need to hire a certified concrete contractor who will first rough up the entire concrete surface and then repair the affected areas.

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