Creative Ways In Which You Can Use Concrete To Revamp Your House

December 16, 2021

Creative Ways In Which You Can Use Concrete To Revamp Your House

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to renovate and revamp your house. It is a common misconception that only after hiring expensive interior decorators and purchasing expensive materials, can you then change the vibe of your house to make it look more stylish.

Something as basic as concrete can help you change the way your house looks. Concrete is usually perceived as a plain and inflexible material. However, when incorporated into different settings creatively it can prove just as a chic and dandy but cost-effective way to add some aesthetic to your space.

In this blog, we have mentioned a few ways in which you can use concrete to add different textures and styles to parts of your house.


A fireplace is the center of any living room. Adding some texture to the fireplace and the wall behind it adds that extra oomph. Your fireplace can serve as a statement feature in your living room.

Concrete surrounds are a great way to upgrade your fireplace. These are basically pre-cast hearths, pillars, or mantles that can be added to any room or area with minimal demolition. Moreover, their durability is greatly enhanced if you use the shotcrete method to install them.

In addition to this, concrete around a fireplace radiates the heat from the fire very well adding to the coziness of the room.

Moreover, if you have huge bare walls in your house, you can also go for floor-to-ceiling concrete walls. These are usually used as media walls or statement walls with minimal decor.

Kitchen Walls and Dining Room

The best part about using concrete to revamp your house is that it can be cast into almost any shape or form you can imagine. The applicability of concrete has greatly improved after the discovery of the shotcrete method. With the help of the applicator nozzle, the concrete can be easily applied to hard-to-reach areas as well.

For a fraction of the cost of marble or granite, your concrete kitchen island or countertops could be cast with any additive color you choose. You can go for a dark-colored concrete with flecks of gray or white.

If you want the counters to be shiny, you can add glass or epoxy on top. Another option is Glass-embedded concrete countertops. The concrete is poured into a mold and sprinkled with tempered glass chips.

Outdoor Areas

Concrete is a tough material that can easily endure extreme weather conditions. However, on top of durability and sturdiness, it also offers versatility in terms of design. You can give it an appearance of tile, stone, or any other pattern you can come up with for a very reasonable price.

Some people also like to go for a rock salt finish that gives it a textured and detailed look that can be used for outdoor table tops, bars, and pool decks.


If you are creative enough, there’s room for concrete in any home. It helps you change the way a wall, a table, or an outdoor location looks without having to worry about spending hundreds and thousands of dollars.

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