Some Essential Pointers For A Shotcrete Company And Its Crew

January 14, 2022

Some Essential Pointers For A Shotcrete Company And Its Crew

Shotcrete is a newly developed method of putting concrete on walls by making less mess. It is one of the most cost-effective solutions for putting concrete on different surfaces which is why it is slowly replacing traditional methods. It not only reduces the cost of the entire process but also greatly adds to the convenience.

However, it is a method that requires hands-on experience in a similar field, the right machines, and a qualified crew to do the job. If you don’t hire the right shotcrete contractor, you will be putting your projects time, and investment at risk. The shotcrete method is dependent on the quality of the materials used, using the right equipment, proper mixing, and the proper application of the material on the designated area.

Therefore, hiring the right kind of shotcrete company with a qualified crew is essential to make sure your project is a success. In this blog, we have mentioned a few important points to note for shotcrete companies and their crew.

Some General Important Points For The Shotcrete Method

  • Identify the most suitable type of shotcrete method, that is, dry-mix, and wet-mix.
  • The crew should know how to use and maintain the shotcrete equipment safely.
  • The crew must know to finish and cure freshly placed shotcrete properly.
  • A company should have special gunning equipment, including pumps, guns, hoses, nozzles, and admixture/water pumps.
  • The company must have experience in the relevant field, and its workers must have the necessary certification that allows them to work in a shotcrete company.
  • The nozzleman should know of different shooting techniques, including proper air, water, and mixture flow.
  • The company should strive to maintain good client relationships, without which the shotcrete project won’t be successful.

Who Should Be A Part Of Your Crew?

The shotcrete method is not dependent on one person only. It involves four to five people to make the job effective. A shotcrete crew may consist of a foreman, a nozzleman, a finisher or rodman, an assistant nozzleman, a wireman, a gun or pump operator, a mixer operator (if needed), and laborers. Every person in the crew must be experienced enough to do the job. If you are planning to hire shotcrete services, you must ensure the following points for the members of the crew:

The foreman

He is responsible for planning, directing, and organizing the work of each member for the proper application of the concrete. He also ensures the maintenance and proper functioning of the machines and delivery of materials.

The Nozzleman

The nozzleman works in collaboration with the foreman and finisher to apply the shotcrete. He manages the application as well as the drying process. Furthermore, the nozzleman provides direction for the shotcrete crew, which helps in shooting high-quality shotcrete.

The Wireman

The responsibility of a wireman is to set the thickness and elevation of the shotcrete placement, which may include the top and face of the wall.

The Gunman

The gunman provides the constant flow of properly mixed dry-mix material to the nozzleman. He is responsible for operating and maintaining a clean gun and assists in ensuring quality control.

The Mixerman

The mixerman handles the proper mixing and proportioning of the concrete material where needed. He also cleans and maintains the mixing material.

Furthermore, all crew members should be certified by the relevant bodies for their services which will allow them to perform the services involved in the shotcrete method.

About SprayForce Concrete Services Ltd

It is important to consider the important points mentioned here before hiring any shotcrete company. SprayForce Concrete Services Ltd has a team of qualified professionals that provide effective shotcrete services in Calgary and surrounding areas. Contact us now for more information.

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