How To Choose A Shotcrete Application Machine

January 6, 2022

How To Choose A Shotcrete Application Machine

Shotcrete is a newer method of concrete application that has been booming in the construction industry. It helps to easily apply a concrete mixture with better accuracy.

Moreover, it is also easy to use this method in hard-to-reach places, such as culverts, under bridges, tunnels, and more. There are several other benefits of the shotcrete concrete method as well, making this method one of the most useful in the construction industry. Apart from this, it is also used to protect architectural and historical buildings and has played its part in their renovation.

However, effective concrete application using this method greatly depends on reliable shotcrete companies and their effective machines. It is important to use proper equipment specifically designed to provide high-end concrete application. There are several types of shotcrete machines available. Which one you should opt for will greatly depend on the type of application for which you will be using it for.

You must know at what distance and under what conditions you will be spraying the concrete on the desired places. Also, you must know where the procedure will be taking place.

All these factors, plus many others, will help determine the right choice of shotcrete methods and machines you should opt for. Moreover, none of the machines or its parts should be damaged or broken as the whole operation can be affected as a result of a faulty machine.

This blog post will help you in this process and help you decide which machine you should use for which application.

Machines Used In The Wet Application Method

The wet application method is when all ingredients including the water and concrete are mixed before going into the delivery hose. The machines you use for the wet application method are different from those that implement the dry method. You must choose a machine that can ensure uninterrupted feeding and can create a thorough mixture.

Moreover, the machines used for wet application must also ensure an even distribution of the material on the surface. For this purpose, such machines which have double-piston pumps are suitable. They must be hydraulically driven by electricity or a diesel.

Also, pay special attention to the dosing devices whose operating range should cover the maximum possible accelerator dosage multiplied by the amount of concrete. Determine the amount of the mixture to be used as there is no sense of having large-sized dosing drums when you don’t require them.

Moreover, you should also pay special attention to the site. If there is not enough space there, placing large-sized machines will not be a suitable choice. However, most of the time, the equipment used in the wet shotcrete method is more compact than the ones required for the dry shotcrete method.

Machines Used In The Dry Application Method

This method involves one in which most of the solution is added most at the nozzle. When deciding on a machine for the dry application method, make sure to check its material outbound level. It’s outbound level ranges from 2% to 20%. Therefore, it is better to buy more material in advance and have a machine with a low outbound level. Moreover, the machines used for the dry mix are usually rotary types.

In the dry mixing method of shotcrete, the mobility of the machine is quite important as they are required for underground work or the reinforcement of underground structures.

Machines For Decorative Work

If the work is only limited to decoration or renovation, the hopper-ladle machine will be quite useful. It allows you to apply any kind of wet or liquid mix easily. Therefore, such machines are quite helpful in preserving architectural designs.


Finding the right shotcrete machine for your applications is essential to completing your project on time and with the accuracy you need. The choice of equipment will depend on your application, so it is necessary to understand the nature of your project and then choose the most suitable machine.

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