How Is Shotcrete A More Sustainable And Cost-Friendly Method?

September 16, 2021

How Is Shotcrete A More Sustainable And Cost-Friendly Method?

The construction process, especially all decisions regarding material choice and placement strategies, is driven by the desire for sustainability. While several methods of applying concrete to different surfaces are used in the industry, the shotcrete method is the only one that offers the most cost-effective and sustainable solution.

The easiest way to apply shotcrete to new or existing surfaces is by using the dry mix shotcrete method but the wet mix method is also used. Shotcrete dry mix is a durable and feasible process for a variety of building projects when done correctly by a professional.

Dry-mix shotcrete has a low water-cement ratio compared to concrete. It is superior to conventional concrete because of its low permeability, low absorption, high strength, and ability to resist the effects of weather or harmful chemicals. Shotcrete is a cost-efficient and labor-saving process. In addition to this, it also offers other sustainable and economical advantages.

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How Is The Shotcrete Method More Sustainable?

Ensures Stronger Bonding

The traditional form and pour method of concrete application requires consistency to be maintained throughout the formation of the mix and its application. Since the process is performed manually, it becomes very difficult to maintain the required consistency. It leaves some bonding holes after application, making the work permeable.

These shortcomings make the work fall short of required strength and durability. On the other hand, shotcrete enables the layerwise placement of concrete on the desired surface by using a spray nozzle, ensuring consistent bonding. The substrate bonding achieved makes the structure stronger and more durable.

Provides Energy-efficient Structures

Shotcrete is a strong, resilient, and highly durable material. It ensures higher strength of the final structure due to its applied mixture being fresh. In addition to this, there is a high amount of recyclable content in the shotcrete mix and it has a high thermal mass. These two unique characteristics make the resultant structure energy efficient with high insulation properties.

Faster Than Conventional Concrete Application Method

The construction industry is ever-growing and experiencing rapid expansion worldwide. Many companies as well as contractors and investors are looking for strategies and processes that will help in efficient and faster completion of work. The shotcrete method provides fast, neat, and durable results, which are the driving factors for its immense popularity in recent years.

Despite being a century-old process, its rapidly increasing demand is due to the inclination of the construction world towards fast-paced application methods. Due to some time-efficient techniques such as shotcrete, you can now complete projects in much less time than others. Shotcrete projects are completed in less time with greater strength, durability, accuracy, and cost-efficiency.

How Is The Shotcrete Method More Cost-friendly?

Less Equipment Costs Than Conventional Methods

The shotcrete process requires only a specialized shotcrete machine for both dry-mix and wet-mix methods. A product mixer is required only in the case of the wet-mix method. This significantly brings down the cost of required machinery and equipment by eliminating the need to purchase or rent extra pumps, containers, cranes, and pipes. This indirectly reduces the overall cost of the construction project.

Requires Less Labor

Using the shotcrete method only requires a few laborers. You only need to hire an individual to deal with the mixing and another, a gunman, to operate the shotcrete machine or nozzle. Thus, the required labor will be reduced by 90 percent which will decrease the cost of labor by manifolds, effectively lowering the overall projects’ costs.

The conventional concreting and building methods involve a lot of labor for timely completion. Hiring more labor means you will have a higher wage payout. This will increase the budget of your construction project under the labor overhead costs.

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