How To Repair Concrete With Shotcrete

January 5, 2023


Concrete is an excellent building material used extensively in the construction industry. The properties of concrete change over time, and eventually need to be repaired.

Cracks are probably the most common problem, but there are a lot of other issues that depend on the type of structure and the age of the structure.

With shotcrete, concrete is sprayed pneumatically through a hose at high velocity over a receiving surface, making it one of the most effective and economical techniques of concrete repair.

In the construction industry, shotcrete is used in a variety of applications, but today we’re going to discuss how it can be used to repair concrete structures.

Shotcrete can be used to repair a wide variety of concrete structures but is most suitable for repairs involving forming, such as vertical and overhead repairs. However, in order to repair your concrete with shotcrete, you will need to hire professional concrete contractors from an accredited shotcrete company.

There are many ways shotcrete can help you repair and cure concrete surfaces without any additional steps. If you are unaware of these steps, then keep on reading as in this blog post, we will outline the top 3 steps to help you repair concrete with shotcrete.

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What Type Of Concrete Structures Can Be Repaired?

Before you hire a concrete contractor to repair your cracked or broken concrete surfaces, it is important to know what types of concrete structures can be repaired with shotcrete.

Most types of concrete structures can be repaired with shotcrete. However, due to the properties of the shotcrete process, this technique is most economical on vertical surfaces, such as columns, walls, and pier caps. Nevertheless, it works well on horizontal surfaces as well such as ceilings, beam bottoms, slab soffits, and deck overhangs.

Generally, these structures need to be repaired when structural integrity is compromised, or an additional layer of concrete is required to cover reinforcement. Shotcrete is typically the best choice when forming requirements are difficult or excessively expensive.

Prepare The Surface

Once you have determined that the concrete surface can be repaired with shotcrete, you can hire a professional structural concrete contractor and let them handle all the work.

One needs to follow many prerequisites before applying shotcrete on a surface. If you want to ensure a successful concrete repair with shotcrete, you will have to first prepare the surface by following some set measures.

  • First, they determine the area which needs to be repaired, then remove all the unsound concrete using a hammer or high water pressure. While removing all the damaged concrete, it is very important that the concrete contractor does not damage the substrate concrete.
  • Next, the concrete contractor will replace or remove any damaged concrete reinforcement and place the new one in front or behind the previous reinforcing steel.
  • Lastly, the professional concrete contractor will spray the damaged surface with water and let the area dry.

The Concrete Repair Procedure

Once the concrete surface is completely dried, it is ready to be repaired with shotcrete. The concrete contractor will apply the shotcrete by first filling the corners and then moving the nozzle toward the reinforcing steel.

While the concrete contractor is repairing your concrete surfaces, make sure to check there is no consistent build-up in any area and if there is any buildup, ask the concrete contractor to remove it immediately.

Sometimes the concrete surface may need additional layers of concrete in order to cure it properly but before adding more shotcrete layers it is vital that you prepare the surface.

If you want to create a strong bond between the old and new concrete layers it is crucial to first completely prepare the previous concrete surface.

The thickness of the concrete surface can be increased with the use of appropriate additives. In order to repair your concrete surface properly with shotcrete hire a certified concrete contractor from a professional concrete company.

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