Why Is It Important To Cure And Protect A Shotcrete Swimming Pool?

November 24, 2022


On a hot day, a dive in a swimming pool is the best way to relax and cool off. Undeniably, swimming is the easiest and most pleasant way to beat the heat in the summer, and it’s a great exercise that keeps the body healthy.

However, going to the beach or an indoor swimming compound daily can be a tough chore. But if you have a backyard pool, it will save you a lot of time and be a great source of daily refreshment.

Having a pool in your backyard will save you from the daily drive to the beach, and you will have the luxury of swimming as much as you want, all alone in the privacy of your own home.

If, after reading about the benefits of a private backyard swimming pool, you are planning to build a pool in your own backyard, then you will need to hire a certified swimming pool shotcrete contractor.

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When building shotcrete swimming pools, keep in mind that curing and protecting shotcrete is very important to achieve the end goal. This blog post will explain in detail the importance of these processes.

Why Are Shotcrete Swimming Pools Better?

If you have the resources to finance a swimming pool, then the best investment you can make is by building a shotcrete swimming pool, as it is one of the most durable swimming pools worldwide.

Swimming pools that are made with shotcrete offer more durability and flexibility than those made with fibreglass and vinyl. Though the process of building shotcrete swimming pools is more time-consuming and complex, still the results are worth all the trouble.

So if you want to build a final product that is sturdy and long-lasting, then you will have to protect and cure the shotcrete, as it is very important to achieve the final results.

Though builders will often overlook these processes, if you hire a certified swimming pool shotcrete contractor from a certified shotcrete company, you won’t have to worry about curing and protecting the shotcrete.


This is one of the most important yet ignored steps when it comes to building shotcrete swimming pools. Once the pool is built, it is your contractor’s job to tell you about the importance of curing. Since most people aren’t aware of this process, they often don’t perform it, which hampers the durability of their shotcrete swimming pool.

Curing is the process in which water is sprayed on the shotcrete structure in order to hydrate the cement, reduce shrinkage cracks and increase the durability of the swimming pool.

Certified concrete contractors advise that the curing process should be continued for at least seven days until durability and strength are achieved. Here are some of the common ways of curing shotcrete:

  • Covering the shotcrete swimming pool with impervious sheet material
  • Spraying and sprinkling water on the shotcrete
  • Covering the pool with sand or absorbent material and keeping it wet continuously
  • Applying high-quality curing compounds

You should start the curing process as soon as water can be sprayed on the shotcrete without causing any damage to the surface of the cement. The best way to spray the entire surface of your swimming pool is by positioning two lawn sprinklers on tripods. If you hire a certified swimming pool shotcrete contractor, you won’t have to worry about the curing process as they will take care of the whole process themselves.


Once your shotcrete swimming pool is built, it is your job to protect it from harsh weather conditions. Protecting is another critical process you need to carry out in the early stages of your shotcrete swimming pool to increase its strength and durability.

For instance, when the weather gets cold during the night, you should protect the shell of your swimming pool by placing a heater in the deep end of the pool and covering it with a vinyl-inflated dome. So once your pool is completed, protect it from harsh weather conditions and keep the temperature of the shell between 10℃ and 21℃.

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