Some Important Shotcrete Safety Measures

August 25, 2022

Some Important Shotcrete Safety Measures

Shotcrete services are used in different construction projects due to their durability and efficiency. As the quality of the shotcrete process depends so much on the gunning crew, it is essential for everyone on board to follow the safety measures during the process to ensure optimum safety and efficiency.

Accordingly, any negligence can result in poor quality outcomes and might lead to injuries or deaths on the construction site in the worst-case scenarios. Therefore, you must hire an experienced shotcrete company that provides efficient shotcrete services while following the full safety measures and other necessary instructions.

The experience of the crew in such companies is demonstrated by their ability to apply the acquired knowledge. Usually, the crew consists of a nozzleman, blowpipe operator, gunman mixer operator foreman, and labourers for the work like hose moving, scaffolding, and mixing. Therefore, every team member must follow those safety precautions and ensure that the work done is safe.

Hence, SprayForce Concrete Ltd is one of the most reliable shotcrete companies you can hire in Calgary, which follows all the safety measures during their shotcrete process. We make sure that our customers are satisfied with the safety measures, and we also hire only experienced professionals who know how to do this job.

When using the concrete shotcrete machine, you have to pay attention to following those safety precautions, which are mentioned below in this blog post.

Check The Shotcrete Machine

First of all, if you have hired a shotcrete company, you need to ensure that there machine works fine by checking the following requirements:

  • Check if the safety valve is sensitive and reliable.
  • View the pressure gauge between the upper and lower limits; according to the transmission distance, it is just the upper limit pressure limit.
  • See if the power line is ruptured or the wiring is solid.
  • Ensure that the nozzle inside the first-class working order is secure and unworn.
  • Ensure that the surface to receive the shotcrete is clean and free of dust.
  • The machine should be able to regulate the bottle to ensure that an educated amount of compaction is achieved.

Make Sure That The Crew Is Educated

One of the most important things to consider when hiring a shotcrete company is to make sure that the crew is educated enough to do this job. If they know the severity of this job, they will follow the safety measures required during the process. The nozzleman should hold a nozzle so that the shotcrete impinges directly on the surface rather than falling in other areas. They should direct the gunman to his requirements and stop the work at the occurrence of any deficiency in supply.

Similarly, the blowpipe operator should assess the nozzle man in several ways by shifting hoses cutting outwards, and clearing rebounds from the area simultaneously. A mixture operator must ensure a clear full screening and no large pieces of aggregate cement or any other debris blocks the hose.

Check The Protective Equipment

All the crew members, especially the nozzle man, require protection from the rebound and clouds of cement dust. Such pieces can strike the nozzle man at 90 miles per hour. Therefore, he must wear safety goggles to protect his eyes and gloves to avoid his hands from getting hit by rocks. Similarly, in enclosed conditions, ventilation is required for the health and comfort of every team member.

Also, loose-fitting waterproof gloves are recommended, and a protective helmet to protect the head. All this equipment is necessary for the protection and safety of the team members. Therefore, you must ensure to hire such a company that follows all these safety protocols.

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