What You Need to Know About Soil Retention

April 6, 2023


Shotcrete technology is used in both new construction and repair projects in the construction industry. Shotcrete services are cost-effective and efficient methods for building walls, slopes, and other structures, as well as for strengthening existing structures.

In soil retention systems, shotcrete is used to reinforce and stabilize slopes, walls, and other structures that are at risk of erosion or collapse. This technology allows for a fast application process and can be sprayed at a high velocity onto a surface, allowing for a smooth and even application.

Overall, shotcrete technology offers many advantages in the construction industry, including cost-effectiveness, speed, and versatility, making it a popular choice for many different types of projects.

The Applicability Of Soil Retention Systems

Soil retention systems are used in construction projects to prevent soil erosion and slope instability. They are particularly useful in areas with steep slopes or loose, highly erodible soil. These systems can include reinforced soil-retaining structures such as shotcrete walls, gabion baskets, and other similar systems.

When planning a construction project, assessing the site’s conditions and the potential for soil erosion or slope instability is essential.

Considerations For Siting And The Design Of The Retention System

When designing and siting a soil retention system, there are several important considerations to keep in mind, such as:

Site Conditions:

The design of the soil retention system should take into account the specific site conditions, including the slope angle, soil type, and climate.


Proper drainage is critical to the success of a soil retention system. The design should ensure that water can be directed away from the structure properly ensuring that it does not pool around it, which can cause erosion or instability.


The materials used in the soil retention system should be appropriate for the site conditions and able to resist erosion, corrosion, and weathering.


The soil retention system must be designed to withstand the hurdles imposed by soil and water, as well as any other loads that may be imposed by the construction process.


The design should allow for easy access for maintenance and inspection.


The system should be designed to blend in with the surrounding area and not be an eyesore.


The design should be cost-effective and provide the best value for your money while meeting the project’s needs.

Permits And Regulations:

The design should comply with all applicable laws, codes, and regulations, including local zoning and building codes, and obtain the necessary permits.


The design should be sustainable and minimize environmental impact.

By taking these considerations into account, a soil retention system can be properly sited and designed to provide effective and long-lasting protection for a construction project.

Maintenance Points For A Retention System

Regular maintenance is an essential aspect of any soil retention system, as it helps to ensure that the system continues to function properly and effectively protects the site from erosion and other issues. Here are some key maintenance points to keep in mind for a soil retention system:


Regularly inspect the system for signs of erosion, damage, or other indicators of deterioration, especially after a rainstorm or other weather events that may have an impact on the system.


Any damage found during an inspection should be repaired promptly to prevent further erosion or instability. This may include fixing washouts, repairing broken components, or other repairs as needed.


Keep the system clean of debris and vegetation, which can interfere with the proper functioning of the system.

Maintain Drainage:

Regularly check your drainage to ensure that it is functioning properly and directing water away from the system.


Keep access ways to the system clear and accessible so that any needed repairs or maintenance can be performed quickly and easily.

Performing regular maintenance on a soil retention system can continue to protect the site for years to come, and any issues that arise can be addressed quickly, preventing further damage.

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