What Are The Logistics Of Using Shotcrete In Underground Mines?

September 29, 2022


Shotcrete has become quite popular among concrete contractors, who try to use it in almost every project. Due to its innumerable benefits, it has made a mark in the concrete industry.

Strength and durability are the biggest advantages of using shotcrete in almost all agricultural and structural projects. Since shotcrete provides strength and has little to no chances of collapsing, it is now even preferred in underground mines.

So if you want to use the shotcrete method in underground mines, you will have to hire a certified concrete contractor, as only they have the equipment and knowledge needed for shotcreting underground mines.

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Shotcrete is a great way to provide ground support to underground mines making them a safe place to work.

It has been seen that many injuries and fatalities in underground mines are often caused by ground falls. So in order to protect the mining contractors from such accidents, shotcrete is used to provide support to the underground walls.

So you can use the shotcrete method to secure the underground mines and make them a safer place for the mining contractors to work. But in order to use shotcrete in an underground mine, you will first have to work out the logistics as it is as difficult to shotcrete underground mines as it is to work in these underground mines.

In this blog post, we will discuss the logistics you need to figure out before starting your shotcrete project in underground mines.

Where Is The Concrete Plant At The Surface?

The first thing you need to figure out is where the concrete plant is at the surface of the underground mine. When you plan to use shotcrete in your underground mines, you need to figure out many things.

If you hire a a certified concrete contractor, it will become easier for you to install a concrete plant at the surface of the underground mine with minimal investment.

Installing a concrete plant at the surface of the underground mine is easier as the concrete material is easy to supply, and the plant can be moved easily from one place to another. Hence a concrete surface plant is easier to install in underground mines as compared to a fully underground concrete plant.

When the concrete plant is at the surface, the shotcrete mix can be transported either by pipe system or low-profile truck mixers.

Pipe System

This is one of the easiest ways to transport the shotcrete mix to the concrete plant at the surface. When the shotcrete mix is transported via the pipe system, there is less vehicle traffic in the mine area. However, when you use a pipe system, you will need more planning and investment.

Also, you will need excellent communication between the crew at the underground mine and the concrete plants surface to maximize the efficiency of the whole process.

Moreover, you will need to use high-quality additives so that the shotcrete mixture does not degrade when going down through the pipe system.

Low-Profile Truck Mixers

Truck mixers are also a great way of transporting the shotcrete mix, but the transport distance is the most crucial factor when using them.

So if you are using the trucks to cover long distances, you will have to use high-quality additives to ensure the shotcrete mixture remains stabilized throughout the journey. Also, the longer the distance is, the more truck mixer you will need to make sure the truck meets the shotcrete output.

Therefore the distance significantly impacts the maintenance, operating, and shotcrete costs.

So if you want to get through the whole process swiftly, you will need to hire a certified concrete contractor for help.

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