Misconceptions About Architectural And Structural Shotcrete

August 4, 2022


Despite being a popular offering in the construction industry, shotcrete services remain a fairly less known and unexplored phenomenon. Compared to conventional concrete pouring, shotcrete shoring is a new concept. However, the latter does not mean the shotcrete method only came into existence in recent years or so. For your information, the shotcrete placement method was invented in the year 1907, a century and about a decade ago.

Yet, some construction owners do not seem to fully understand the definition of shotcrete. Many people even fail to understand that shotcrete is not a different construction material from traditional concrete. Instead, it is just a different placement method. As professional concrete contractors, we have the opportunity to hear numerous technical queries regarding shotcrete services, their applications, and potential challenges.

Through these queries, we were able to deduce that there is a prevalent lack of information and understanding regarding the process. In fact, it would not be wrong to conclude that the existing perceptions regarding the method are incredibly vague and highly misleading.

Over our years of service in the industry, we have realized that there are numerous widespread misconceptions about this concrete placement method. From those relating to its use to the cost and even features or characteristics of the method, there is a lot that engineers, project owners, and the general public do not understand.

While it is practically impossible to completely eradicate these misconceptions from our industry, a sincere attempt to at least make a difference won’t hurt, in our opinion. After all, someone has to start the tackle against misinformation, so why not us? Hence, this blog post will address the most common fallacies regarding shotcrete services to save our readers from losing their money due to misinformation.

Shotcrete Services Are More Expensive Than Conventional Techniques

It is true that shotcrete services were invented to overcome the shortcomings of the conventional placement method. However, in the current era, shotcrete and concrete pouring are two different services with varying features and applications. Thus, its costs can not be merely decided because it is shotcrete and not the conventional method. In fact, there are a few instances where the conventional pouring method is more viable than shotcrete.

These are two different application approaches with unique benefits and drawbacks. Thus, the cost of either depends upon the contractor, the magnitude of the project, and the complexity and challenges involved.

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Shotcrete Services Are The Same Across The Industry

Just because the same shooting technique is used everywhere, it does not mean the quality of shotcrete services is indistinguishable and uniform. Like any other type of service, the quality of shotcrete work depends upon the contractor, their machinery, and the mix they use. Hence, always do your homework before hiring a shotcrete service provider.

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Shotcreting Is Only Viable For Vertical Construction

Primarily, shotcrete services sought to overcome the difficulty of placing concrete over vertical structures. While shotcrete is the most viable alternative to solve this problem, it does not mean the method does not have any other applications.

Due to its incomparable compacting abilities and resistance to cracking, shotcrete is widely used in many architectural and structural processes. From pool construction to rock carving and artificial landscaping, shotcrete’s applications will leave you in awe.

Shotcrete Does Not Necessarily Need To Be Shot At A Surface

To many, this pointer may sound like a no-brainer. But thanks to fraudulent businesses, people actually fall for it. One of our clients narrated that a particular company took too long to shoot the concrete at their pool, which caused the mixture to dry up. The contractors took the mixture out of the machines, manually poured it out in the pool, and claimed that this was still okay.

The definition of shotcrete means shooting concrete, so how can this be correct? If a company insists on anything like that, immediately suspend all work with them.

Dampening A Surface Is Sufficient For Shotcrete Curing

It is true that shotcrete is more compact than concrete, but you should not take that as an excuse to evade the proper curing of shotcrete. You must keep the surface damp at all times for adequate curing. We recommend that shotcrete should be cured for at least seven days.

Dry-Mix Is Not Durable In Frequently Changing Temperatures

For some reason, people feel reluctant about the word ‘dry-mix’ and associate it with inflexibility and rigidness. Please note that this is not the clay soil we are talking about. The use of the dry-mix shooting method has nothing to do with the mixture’s freezing and thawing capabilities. The quality of the service, strength of the structure, and permeability actually contribute to its performance in extreme temperatures.

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