Common Mistakes Made During The Shotcreting Process

May 19, 2022

Common Mistakes Made During The Shotcreting Process

Concrete is one of the most important materials in the construction industry. It acts like a strong glue that holds buildings together as its job is to provide strength to structures.

Concrete is used everywhere from building bridges to roads and infrastructure. It is used in almost every construction project.

As new innovations are taking over old methods of construction similarly there are new techniques now being used by concrete contractors to optimize the concrete’s durability.

One such innovation is the shotcrete process, in this method the concrete is shot onto tall building structures and infrastructures with the help of a hose.

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Shotcrete has made concrete application easier for concrete contractors but with benefits come some shortcomings as well.

Keep on reading and you will find out the common mistakes inexperienced concrete contractors have made during the shotcreting process.

Adding Water In Excess

Water is an integral part of the concrete mixture but if added in an abundance it makes the concrete lose all its strength.

Concrete and water have a very fragile relationship. They have to be mixed according to a certain ratio and whenever this ratio is altered the quality of the concrete is compromised.

Sometimes you might receive concrete with a faulty slump, it is normal as during transposition the mixture can get slumpy. But what is not normal is adding water to this slumpy mixture, as this will alter the water-cement ratio and will reduce the strength of your concrete.

Hence it is advised that you always hire certified concrete contractors for your structural shotcrete projects as they will know how to handle all types of situations professionally.

Forgetting To Clean The Surface

If you want to ensure the perfect application of shotcrete then It is important to clean the surface thoroughly before applying shotcrete.

There are two reasons why you should clean the surface before applying shotcrete to it:

  • Firstly, it helps to eliminate any residue that will boost the shotcrete capacity to adhere to the surface.
  • Secondly, it removes any loose materials so that the support work you are doing is on a stable structure.

Many concrete contractors forget to clean the surface before applying shotcrete and that hampers the strength of the concrete. So make sure you hire a certified concrete contractor, as they know the dos and don’ts of applying shotcrete.

Using Added Pressure

The pressure gauge is used to set the pressure level of the shotcrete hose, many inexperienced shotcrete contractors often shut off the collector valve in an attempt to get the compressor pressure and flow rate at a level they think is adequate for the job.

But they don’t realize that compressors come with a fixed flow rate not a variable flow rate and this means that the only thing they are doing by shutting the valve is compromising the work efficiency of the compressor.

So if you turn the valve off the compressor will work less efficiently with a greater load and all of this will hamper the shotcrete application.

Hence make sure you don’t touch the valve while shotcreting surfaces as it will only decrease the work efficiency of your project.

Adding Excessive Amounts Of Additives

Additives play a vital role in giving concrete the properties that make it the most used material in the construction industry.

While additives are usually added during the mixing process, the accelerators are integrated immediately before spraying the concrete.

But what happens when you are unable to follow the recommended guidelines for additive dosage? It alters the concrete’s final resistance and results in layers that don’t quite adhere to the surface.

Hence make sure that you follow the recommended guidelines while adding additives and accelerators as if not added in the required quantity it will hamper the concrete’s strength.

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