Pros And Cons Of Shotcrete

October 21, 2021

Pros And Cons Of Shotcrete

The conventional methods of cement application are slowly being replaced by shotcrete technology. Whether you need to build a bridge or a swimming pool this new technology is taking over the traditional ways of cement application. This method is also popular for applying concrete on hard to reach areas. Moreover, cement applied with this method can easily endure harsh weather conditions.

However, many owners and construction workers are still skeptical about this new technology and are using the old methods of concrete application. Since they are not aware of the benefits of this method they are hesitant to use it. You have to consider many variables before choosing a concrete application method, such as durability, ease of use, cost, and resistance. No method is superior to the rest which is why you need to evaluate the pros and cons of every option to select which method will best suit your construction project’s needs.

In this blog post, we will evaluate the pros and cons of shotcrete to help you make a better decision.

What Is Shotcrete?

The process of spraying concrete onto a surface at a high velocity is called shotcrete. It’s a new way of cement application. The particles in shotcrete are compacted into the receiving surface which creates a strong and uniform layer. The shotcrete method is either done with wet-mix or dry-mix. The ingredients in the wet-mix are combined before being placed in the hose, while the dry-mix uses dry ingredients that are mixed with water in the hose as it is sprayed. Both mixes can be applied overhead or vertically by hand or remote control.

Pros Of Shotcrete

More Durable

Concrete applied using the shotcrete method is compact which makes it durable. The mixture is sprayed at a high velocity that ensures that the particles are sprayed into every crevice of the receiving surface. This results in a mass that is more long-lasting and durable than other methods.


Shotcrete has a bunch of applications from reinforcing excavations, lining the insides of mine tunnels and subways to being used in theme parks, skate parks, and retaining walls. It is used in multiple areas since limitations like size, shape, and style do not exist in this method. This allows the shotcrete method to be used for decorative projects as well, whilst ensuring the strength, longevity, and durability of the project. Shotcreting’s unlimited customization potential makes it popular for constructing pools, retaining walls and faux finishes, and constructing high-rise facades.


Shotcretes wet-mix method is resistant to many environmental factors such as mold, worms, and fire. It is also less likely to get damaged by frost in colder climates. Once temperatures start to rise, thawing happens, shotcrete wet-mix shows high resistance in this weather and keeps the concrete in good shape.

Cons Of Shotcrete


To make sure that the results are effective the shotcrete needs to be applied quickly. If the mixture is not applied quickly it will start to dry out. After drying, the mixture becomes hard to spray. This wastes the mixture and leads to additional cost and increases the time spent on a project.


Only expert operators can use the shotcrete method. If done improperly, shotcrete can create a situation worse than other methods; since a spray is more likely to reach unwanted areas. This can increase the cost of cleanup and the risk of potential damage. To avoid any risk of potential damage and to use the shotcrete method you will need to first learn about the proper techniques and methods of shotcrete. It’s best to have an experienced supervisor nearby too.

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