Questions To Ask During The Concrete Shoring Process

May 26, 2022

Questions To Ask During The Concrete Shoring Process

Most construction projects are a big undertaking and a huge financial investment for the owners. Whether you are just building a wall or constructing a new home from scratch, every project requires attention, time, and work.

Concrete shoring projects are also important and different from other construction projects. They require you to ask the construction contractor different questions and ensure that they have the right equipment and experience to do the required work.

Shoring is the temporary construction of concrete to support an unsafe structure. It requires itself to be built strong enough to support any temporary structure over it.

Therefore, you need to ask the right questions to ensure that the concrete shoring will be according to your needs. This blog post mentions some important questions you must ask during or before beginning a concrete shoring project.

What Is The Scope Of The Work?

The most basic and important question to ask a concrete shoring contractor is to ask about the scope of the work. There might be different bids and quotations that they propose to you, so you must know what to expect from the scope and whether you are correctly capturing the scope in your bid proposal or not. What they will build and how they will build is the most basic information you must know before beginning the process of concrete shoring.

The design of any shoring is influenced by what the company is trying to build and how the process will be carried out. Therefore, you need to ask about the type of the building structure which will be completed on the site.

Moreover, you should also ask how wide and deep the excavation will be to support the shoring construction and whether they need access to perform the work in the excavation space. All these questions are important to find out the scope of the work and how the work will be accomplished.

Is The Ground Condition Suitable?

Another vital question regarding the design is the location of the underground utilities and ground condition. You must be well-informed about the ground condition before beginning any shoring process. If the ground conditions are not suitable and you begin your concrete shoring process without verification, it might cost you significant money, time, and effort.

Therefore some important questions to ask about the ground condition are as follows:

  • Is the soil stiff? How stiff is it?
  • Will you be digging below the water table?
  • Will it be held back, or will it need to be removed if there is water?

The concrete contractor you hire will answer these queries with their experience and inform you whether and how it will be suitable for you to create a shoring.

Which Factors Can Affect The Design And Installation?

Some neighborhood properties and footings can be effective for the shoring process. Therefore, it is important to thoroughly conduct a site survey before the work begins and ask the following questions early on.

  • Do you have the required construction equipment for the excavation task?
  • Will the adjacent properties be affected while you excavate?
  • Is watertight shoring required?

Will The Work Be Completed Safely?

In any construction project, safety is of prime importance. This is especially true if there is a construction project that requires special care and attention. Therefore, you have to ask some important safety questions before beginning any construction work. Some examples of some important safety questions to ask are as follows:

  • Will there be safe access for entry and exit to the site?
  • Do you have all the required safety equipment and PPE to do the work?
  • Will there be sufficient barriers to prevent people and materials from falling?


Some of the basic questions to ask during the concrete shoring process are mentioned above. Other than these, you must do your research to hire a professional shotcrete or concrete contractor to deliver the best results you want.

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