Why Is Shotcrete Better For Underground Purposes?

May 7, 2022

Why Is Shotcrete Better For Underground Purposes?

Shotcrete is an efficient method of cement application due to the durability, strength, and flexibility it provides. It has been used in several construction projects and underground services. The underground structures it is used for include constructing and stabilizing tunnels and underground mining.

However, underground construction is full of various dangers, challenges, and potential environmental risks. Such risks can be eliminated by opting for safer concrete application methods to lower safety risks. Falling and moving rock is one of the major causes of death in underground construction works. These are one of the main reasons for fatalities in the underground mines.

Therefore, construction companies turned their direction towards better and more efficient methods of concrete application, which are not only suitable for above ground purposes but also for underground purposes. One such application is shotcrete technology which has helped construction companies minimize the danger on the construction site to a greater level. This blog post highlights the issue of why shotcrete is better for underground purposes.

It Helps You Work Outside The Danger Zone

One of the biggest benefits of using shotcrete technology for underground purposes is that all the equipment components are operated by remote control. This method doesn’t require workers to be present on the site or near the point where the work has to be done. The hose operator maintains a secure distance between him and the site. Thus, it prevents any life damage. The operator can work from a secure area so he can remain safe from any falling rocks.

It Helps Workers To See Better

Another great advantage of working with the shotcrete method in underground areas is better visibility. Underground construction sites are dark, and the work lights might not be enough for the workers to carry on their job. Moreover, the working lights of the manual application require external illumination, which might not be enough for the construction workers.

On the other hand, the working lights of the concrete spraying equipment can provide you with a synchronized illumination with the application. This reduces any visibility issues there may be in the underground working area and prevents the wrong application of the cement mixture.

There Are Fewer People On The Site

The shotcrete method doesn’t involve on-the-site participation. Rather, few workers are there on the actual construction site, unlike the manual cement application method where most of the workers have to be on the site. Since mechanized equipment is used in this process, most of the work done is completed with the help of machines. Therefore, less labor work is required, and the workers can remain safe during the process.

Your Workers Remain Healthy

As long as your construction workers wear PPE and follow other safety measurements, they will remain healthy. In the shotcrete process, your workers are not exposed to dust and rebound. This keeps them away from dust allergies and other health issues.

The shotcrete process involves the application method through the use of a nozzle. This equipment can perform its job from a distance, and thus, less direct involvement is required by the workers.

Final Thoughts

The shotcrete method is one of the most efficient cement application methods used in several construction projects. It might seem to be more expensive than other traditional methods, but it helps to reduce the cost in the long run. Hiring a reliable shotcrete service can help you complete your project in minimal time with more productivity and efficiency.

About Spray Force Concrete

The shotcrete method replaces the traditional method of concrete application, where the shotcrete machine can be used for years to come. SprayForce Concrete Services provides shotcrete services for your residential, commercial, architectural, and industrial projects.

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