How Shotcrete Makes Commercial Or Residential Projects Viable

March 25, 2022

How Shotcrete Makes Commercial Or Residential Projects Viable

Since 1907, shotcrete services and their applications have greatly evolved to precisely suit the concreting needs of diverse construction project types. Over the years, concrete contractors have vastly expanded their service lists to enhance the relevancy of shotcrete in the construction industry. From structural shotcrete to infrastructural repairs, this concrete application method has an unending list of uses.

Despite its widespread use, an average individual with limited knowledge of the construction industry fails to understand what shotcrete is, when it should be given preference over the conventional concrete application, and how it makes any construction project more feasible.

While it is not possible to acquire technical knowledge regarding every aspect of your surroundings, it is a good idea to have a basic understanding of as many things as you can.

A wise man once said, “Education is not about knowing everything about one thing, but understanding a little about everything.”

Hence, you never know when this information may come in handy. Honestly speaking, if you frequently indulge in commercial or residential construction projects, this understanding can save you a lot of money.

For the betterment of our readers, we shall use this blog to provide a brief overview of shotcrete method and explain its viability in commercial and residential projects.

Shotcrete – A Brief Overview

Before we discuss its advantages, let us help you understand the difference between shotcrete and concrete. Typically, many people falsely believe that concrete and shotcrete are two different things and shotcrete is a better alternative to concrete. However, neither is true. In truth, shotcrete is a variation of concrete. The only differences are in the ratio of its components and the application method.

Shotcrete comprises a lesser proportion of water, and it is usually ‘shot’ or pumped through a hose at a high velocity. It is also sometimes referred to as sprayed concrete or gunite. Nevertheless, neither conventional concrete nor shotcrete application enjoys supremacy over the other.

The importance of both methods depends upon the nature of the work being undertaken. For example, conventional concrete pouring is more feasible when laying the foundations of large buildings. On the other hand, shotcrete is a better option when filling cracks.

Nonetheless, there are situations where the traditional concrete pouring method is used, but shotcrete services can perform better.

How Does Shotcrete Increase The Viability Of Your Commercial And Residential Construction Projects?

Faster Application

Since a hose is used to apply the mixture instead of pouring, the application process is less time-consuming. This, in turn, reduces labour hours and ultimately leads to lesser direct construction costs.

Sturdier Structures

Unlike the conventional concrete pouring method, which utilizes a lot of water, shotcrete uses a lesser proportion of water, making it denser. As a result, the surface on which it is applied turns out to be firmer and more robust than the one on which the concrete is poured.

Resistant To Water Absorption And Weathering

Since the hose fires shotcrete at a high velocity, there are fewer air spaces left on the surface. Thus, it automatically becomes more compact. Resultantly, the surface boasts lower water permeability, and weathering due to water absorption does not occur.

High Durability

This application method provides better durability because of shotcrete’s resistance to weathering, lower permeability, defiance to water absorption, and enhanced compactness. The latter is perhaps the biggest advantage shotcrete structures have over those constructed through the traditional pouring method.

Also, this enhanced strength and durability means you will enjoy a lot of savings in terms of repair and maintenance in the future. If you are handling a client’s project, the latter will leave your customer satisfied and earn you a chain of referrals.

Easier Application On Irregular Surfaces

One of the most significant drawbacks of traditional concrete pouring is the difficulty of its use on irregular surfaces. In this regard, numerous concrete contractors in Calgary report that shotcrete efficiently works on structures and shapes on which the conventional application method was impossible to carry out.


Due to the high speed at which it is shot at a surface, the shotcrete application method leads to savings in material cost, as less concrete is needed to reach optimum strength. Moreover, the application process itself leads to a reduction in waste, making the shotcrete method more sustainable. Moreover, the need for vibration to increase compactness is also eradicated.

Overall Cost Reduction

All of the above advantages ultimately streamline towards one major accomplishment, reduced costs. Thus, shotcrete services undeniably make your construction project more feasible and cost-effective.

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