Why Is Shotcrete Concrete Used In Building Restoration?

January 19, 2022

Why Is Shotcrete Concrete Used In Building Restoration?

Concrete deterioration and damages over time are certain. However, different methods are available to restore the building and keep it in good condition.

Shotcrete technology is being used in many construction projects for effective building. They offer fast concrete application and give better strength compared to the other traditional concrete application methods.

Shotcrete is often the best alternative for applying concrete in newly constructed buildings or restoring the old architecture. It is also the best alternative to older methods of concrete application.


Because of the tremendous benefits in terms of cost, ease, strength, and durability. These benefits make this method an ideal application method for both reinforced and nonreinforced construction. The shotcrete concrete application method is being used in numerous building restoration methods. Read on to find out why the shotcrete method is suitable for old building restoration.

Shotcrete For Repairs And Restoration

From building tanks and pools to renovating old buildings, shotcrete technology is actively playing its role in building the best form of any project. However, only an experienced professional who knows how to integrate new materials with in-place construction to form a composite can do this job.

The new material must be able to withstand the extreme conditions of weather and calamities. A properly qualified contractor, materials supplier, engineer, and architect must coordinate the project and suggest the best materials and methods.

When Is The Shotcrete Method Used For Restoration?

The shotcrete method is best suited for situations where the project is cost-prohibitive or has a limited budget. This concrete application method offers the economical solution of concrete application with more modern equipment.

Moreover, bonding items such as epoxy or grout are not required because the process achieves the adhesion during the ‘pneumatic’ shot of the concrete. Shotcrete is used for restoring the structural integrity of the architectural structure. It is used to increase the structural capacity of existing concrete parts and renovate the area.

How Is Shotcrete Performed For Structural Restoration?

The shotcrete method is performed using the dry-mix or wet-mix process. Both of these methods almost bring out the same result. For more details about the shotcrete method and its application procedure, read this blog.

Only a qualified professional must perform the shotcrete job. In addition to this, the created mixture should be applied on a small test patch before applying it on the affected area. This helps in the verification of the mixture of the concrete and ensures the uniformity and quality application of the shotcrete.

Other than structural restoration, shotcrete technology is used in various applications, such as underground tunnels, drainage systems, swimming pools, retaining walls, bridges, and more.

Any reinforcing bars that are exposed should be undercut. This is necessary for forming a physical bond with the shotcrete. You can use high-pressure water blasting or abrasive methods for shotcrete surface preparations. Moreover, the existing concrete substrate must be wet before shotcrete application.

Benefits Of Shotcrete In Building Restoration

The shotcrete method is quite useful in structural restoration procedures. It uses spray for spraying the concrete onto the desired surface. You can easily apply the concrete on restricted and hard-to-reach areas using the shotcrete method.

The concrete applied is a structurally strong and durable material, which makes it ideal for preserving the precious architecture of churches, mosques, museums, and more.

Shotcrete gives better uniform application results compared to the traditional methods of concrete application. This uniformity gives better durability for years to come. It provides a better surface finishing which makes it useful for the repair of damaged concrete surfaces, wood, or steel. All in all, this one is the most diverse method available for concrete application and is useful for many applications.

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