Shotcrete Malpractices To Watch Out For

April 14, 2023

Shotcrete Malpractices To Watch Out For

Despite the fact that shotcrete services are quite prevalent among architects, builders, and project owners, most people are still unaware of the laws and customs governing the shotcrete procedure. Many mistakenly think that anyone can apply shotcrete since it is so simple to do so.

The latter gave rise to a number of unethical behaviors that not only impair the standard of the aforementioned structure but also result in enormous financial losses for those that carry out the initiatives.

Contrary to popular belief, shotcrete is more complicated than just mixing water and concrete and blasting it aimlessly at a structure. This unplanned and careless behavior results in nothing but unpleasant outcomes and is a waste of time, resources, and labor.

Hence, simply being able to use a nozzle or shotcrete machine is insufficient to carry out the process effectively. To successfully complete any shotcrete endeavor, a reasonable degree of theoretical knowledge, together with proper training and diligence, is essential.

Only a skilled shotcrete company with a solid reputation for dependability, such as SprayForce Concrete, can handle your job with the highest care, devotion to quality, and professionalism. However, there is no assurance that all shotcrete service providers in the sector will be qualified to manage such projects.

This blog examines some common shotcrete mistakes in the building business to assist you in better grasping the situation.

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Applying The Mixture Manually

Sadly, project owners still lack a fundamental understanding of what shotcrete services genuinely include. Once a client came to us worried that the contractor who had embarked on a particular project had to manually apply the mixture to the structure since it had started to dry. To our surprise, the contractor said they “do it all the time” and that hand application is not an issue.

Simply put, the procedure is no longer shotcrete until it is completed by hand. How can the aforementioned scenario be true when the term “shotcrete” actually refers to “shooting concrete”?

Beware of contractors who try to cut corners with you since the results they will produce will be substandard.

Neglecting The Water-Cement Ratio

To complete highly complex and delicate operations like repairing bridges and finishing tunnels, among others, professional shotcrete services are required. Hence, mixing water and cement is not comparable to making bread dough, whose consistency can be determined by dipping your fingers in it.

A tight water-cement ratio must be followed in order to guarantee the greatest outcomes and maximum durability. Shotcrete frequently has one part cement, four parts sand by weight, and around 7% water by mass of dry components.

The volume of retardants and accelerants will also be impacted and difficult to estimate if a contractor does not employ this ratio. In the end, improper rationing will result in inadequate structures.

Neglecting The Necessary Air Temperature Ranges

It is very important to keep in mind that the shotcrete process works best between 5 and 37 degrees Celsius. If this temperature range cannot be achieved, the appropriate amount of retardants or accelerants must be added.

Overlooking The Significance Of Curing

Both shotcrete procedures and conventional concrete pouring techniques benefit from curing. Hence, do not believe people who claim that shotcrete does not require curing. Future regrets may be unrecoverable as a result of negligence in this area.

Employing Unskilled And Inexperienced Labor

As was previously stressed, before doing any shotcrete operations, nozzlemen need to receive the required instruction and theoretical knowledge.

Unfortunately, some shotcrete service providers downplay the value of thorough training. They think that having the ability to shoot shotcrete suffices and that skill is unnecessary.

Your entire investment could be lost if you are not cautious when selecting a potential contractor because of bad workmanship and substandard labor.

Using Air Compressors Of The Improper Size

Contractors frequently overlook the size of their air compressors, which is another technical factor. Undersized compressors produce less durable results, the latter factor is crucial to the task’s overall performance. You need a compressor that can produce 250 CFM for wet mix and 700 CFM for dry mix.

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