Shotcrete: Method And Its Benefits In The Construction Industry

September 9, 2021

Shotcrete: Method And Its Benefits In The Construction Industry

Shotcrete is a revolutionary method in the construction industry that has eased concrete application to a greater extent. Contractors and builders use the shotcrete method to smooth out the construction process and complete projects on time.

With its so many advantages, it is becoming a popular choice among builders, homeowners, and construction contractors. This blog post will discuss the method of shotcrete and its benefits in the construction industry.

What Is The Shotcrete Method?

Shotcrete is when you apply concrete to the desired area of a construction wall using a nozzle or spray. It consists of a mortar gun or concrete sprayer and is carried out at high pressure and projectile motion on the designated wall. You can further strengthen it using steel rods, steel mesh, or fibers that stick to the concrete after drying, thus constructing a stronger wall.

Shotcrete technology is used in various applications, such as underground tunnels, drainage systems, swimming pools, retaining walls, bridges, and more. This method helps your construction business in notable ways without wasting the concrete or material.

The two types of methods are dry and wet shotcrete to put the material in the desired place. In dry shotcrete, most of the water is added at the nozzle, while in wet shotcrete, everything, including water, is mixed before introducing it to the delivery hose. Both of these methods offer numerous advantages. Some of these advantages include:

Advantages Of The Shotcrete Method

More Strength

One of the main benefits that this method of shotcrete offers is better strength and durability. When you apply the material using regular methods, it contains errors and porous gaps. This can badly impact the strength of the final wall.

With the shotcrete method, the structure is less porous, and therefore, the material settles tightly in place, making it stronger.

Faster Application

Shotcrete technology saves your and your labor’s time by effectively applying the material in a shorter time period. This greatly cuts down the amount of time you would otherwise be spending using traditional methods of applying the material. You can utilize this added time somewhere else that can result in project completion much faster.

An Eco-Friendly Choice

Regular methods of concrete application require equipment made of wooden materials. Millions of constructions are carried out every year globally. If we keep using traditional wooden equipment, deforestation problems will worsen.

The shotcrete method replaces the traditional method of concrete application, where the shotcrete machine can be used for years to come. There is no consumption of wooden material in its equipment that makes it an eco-friendly choice.


Using the shotcrete method in your construction project is a cost-effective solution. The shotcrete method uses very few pieces of equipment that can be reused. The machines are made of durable material that won’t cease to function when the load increases.

Moreover, less labor is required for the project as it is easy to apply the material using the nozzle. These benefits can help your budget, which you can use to further improve your project.

Versatile Method

The shotcrete method can be applied in all kinds of construction work, including bridges, tunnels, retaining walls, parks, residential construction, and more. It is also accessible in hard-to-reach places. Such places need special application, and if not done properly, can result in the collapse of the entire structure.

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