How Is Shotcrete Suitable For Roof Construction?

September 15, 2022


Shotcrete is the modern method of concrete application, in fact, this is the easiest method to apply concrete for construction and repair purposes. Shotcrete has become a choice of every construction engineer due to its easy and fast application.

Moreover, the shotcrete method is being used for all types of construction such as wall construction, repairing cracks, sheet pile wall construction, pool construction, architectural construction and much more.

Unsurprisingly, shotcrete has become a reliable tool for the construction of roofs. Since shotcrete can be applied from a distance with pressure, it is extensively used for overhead structures.

The strong bonding ability of shotcrete helps it stay longer on the roof’s surface. The applied concrete can withstand harsh weather, earthquakes and heavy loads.

There are various reasons why the shotcrete method is suitable for the construction of roofs.

Shotcrete Is Long Lasting

The strength of the shotcrete and its ability to make a strong bond with the other materials makes it the most durable material for construction. The shotcretes’ walls, roofs and other construction materials last for a long time and require less repairs. Hence, SprayForce concrete can help you create durable shotcrete construction projects.

The repairing of shotcrete is also very easy and requires very little effort thus the shotcrete method can be used to create any building block.

However, while using shotcrete for roof construction the concrete method is filled in the steel structure of the roof. Since the concrete is sprayed with pressure, the concrete fills in each and every inch of the steel structure.

A Shotcrete Roof Protects The Building From Water

Water can not enter the shotcrete layer, it can stay on the shotcrete but it can not pass through the dry layer of shotcrete. Hence the roof protects the building from water in case of heavy rain.

Therefore, a roof made from shotcrete is able to withstand the severe weather conditions of Canada and protect its residents from heavy rain and snow. Furthermore, the waterproof characteristics of shotcrete make it the best fit for the construction of places which experience heavy rainfall year round. Thus, many constructional engineers prefer to use shotcrete to create their roof and walls.

Shotcrete Is Energy Efficient

Shotcrete helps to keep the heat inside during the winter, while in summer, it keeps the heat from the sun outside keeping you cool. Hence, the shotcrete process helps in managing your utility bills in addition to strengthening your building.

Thus, the building remains cool in the summer and warm in the winter season. As a result, less energy is consumed by the HVAC systems to maintain a suitable temperature of the building.

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Roofing Is Done Quickly

By using shotcrete as a building material for your roof, you can complete the roof’s construction very quickly. The reason behind fast construction is the application speed of shotcrete. As compared to the other methods of concrete application, shotcrete spray is done quickly on the roof to minimize construction time.

Besides the quick application, it also dries in a very short time, due to which, the next coat of shotcrete is applied immediately. The remaining construction steps are completed just after the shotcrete dries. Hence, the whole process is completed in less time than a simple roof construction method.

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