How Shotcrete Can Be Used To Fix Pool Deck Cracks

May 12, 2022

How Shotcrete Can Be Used To Fix Pool Deck Cracks

Concrete is as strong as a rock, therefore it is used to make buildings, structures, swimming pools, pool decks, and all other things that need to have a strong foundation.

As concrete lasts for a long period of time many people use it to build their swimming pools. Though concrete is strong it is still very vulnerable to water and gets damaged if exposed to water regularly.

Since pool decks are constantly exposed to water the concrete can be easily damaged. The first sign of damage that appears on them are cracks.

These cracks start off small but then over time get bigger and bigger and become a problem that requires immediate attention.

The best way to fix this problem is by hiring a certified shotcrete contractor, as they have the knowledge and experience to fix your pool deck.

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Also, another problem with poll decks is that they are exposed to extreme weather conditions all year round.

Since pool decks are exposed to the heat of the sun it breaks down any coating that might have been applied, while the snow and ice force the tiny cracks to get bigger.

Moreover, if the cracks get big enough then the penetrating moisture will affect the underlying soil, which means your slab will not receive the support it needs.

So it is important that you protect your pool deck from cracking by waterproofing it. In this blog post, we will talk about how shotcrete can be used to fix pool deck cracks.

Major Crack Repairs

If the cracks in your deck have become bigger then you will have to bring the big guns to repair them. To fix this problem you will have to hire a certified shotcrete contractor, who will use the shotcrete method to fix the cracks.

The shotcrete method is used when the cracks have gotten out of hand and can’t be fixed with normal concrete application.

It is even used to fix swimming pool cracks as you can spray the concrete mixture in every nook and corner.

The trained shotcrete contractor will fix all the big and small cracks on your pool deck and seal them perfectly so they won’t crack open again.

Locking the cracks with a strong mixture of concrete will make sure that your pool deck doesn’t get cracked again.

The shotcrete method is used to fix cracks and provide strength to foundation walls, pool shells and pool decks.

So as soon as you spot cracks on your pool deck, call a certified concrete contractor and get them fixed immediately.

Protection And Prevention

The most important step is to repair, seal and waterproof the cracks as soon as they appear. By applying a single coat you can go a long way and can prevent these cracks from forming.

Coating with UV inhibitors will offer more protection to your pool deck. A UV coating will act as a rubberized protective membrane shield over the surface of your pool deck and will offer superior full waterproof protection.

If you spot the cracks early on you can prevent other cracks from appearing.

Once these cracks are repaired you can apply a coating over your pool deck that will waterproof your deck and will protect it from future cracks.

The chemical that is used to keep your pool water bacteria-free and clean can also begin to build upon your pool deck, so you can use a specifically formulated pool deck cleaner to remove the chemical buildup.

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