How Is Shotcrete Useful For The Environment?

August 11, 2022


The shotcrete process is not a new method. It was developed around 100 years ago. Carl Akeley made the first cement gun in Chicago in 1909. Since then, this technology has been used in various construction projects, such as bridges, architectural structures, tunnels, swimming pools, residential construction, commercial construction, and more.

This technology has developed into a sophisticated method over the years. Moreover, the method is still being perfected in terms of material process design optimization, batching, production transportation application, and quality management systems.

Moreover, it has also been considered a sustainable solution for construction. So how does it benefit the environment, and is it one of the most sustainable solutions in the construction industry? This blog post explores more of this and tells you how this technology is useful for the environment.

There Is No Need For Special Machinery

One of the biggest benefits of shotcrete technology for the environment is that there is no need for cranes, pumps, and forms. Since shotcrete technology uses a hose and a concrete mixture, it eliminates the need for such type of machinery and applies the material at a much faster rate than conventional concrete placement or repair methods. As a result, this also reduces the smoke and fumes produced by such machinery, which can impact the environment, especially in construction areas. Therefore, by opting for shotcrete technology, we can reduce environmental pollution to a greater level and do the process much faster than the conventional methods.

Shotcrete Uses Additional Materials

Another thing that this technology has advanced is to become a green technology by adding SCMs such as fly ash, silica fume, slag, and metakaolin to replace cement. Considering the conventional methods of cement application, the production of one ton of cement consists of about one ton of carbon dioxide.

However, in the case of SCM, they are mostly industrial by-products or waste, which reduces the cement content of the mixture, and therefore, reduces carbon dioxide emissions. Therefore, this replacement with the SCMs can help reduce the overall carbon footprint.

Apart from carbon footprint reductions, SCM is famous for providing advantages like improved workability for fresh shotcrete, improved material strength, and durability with increased chemical resistance.

It Helps In The Stabilization Of The Soil

Another benefit contributing to the environment of shotcrete is that it is used to stabilize soil for excavation purposes. It is because the materials and the methods used in this application give you better strength and durability when compared to the conventional cement application or steel shoring techniques. This means that fewer restorations and repairs will be required after this technology, and less cement production will be needed.

Final Words

Shotcrete technology is environmentally friendly and a sustainable solution that uses a sustainable method to construct durable and strong structures. This industry has applied concrete by the integration of advanced green technology since its inception. Other than that, safety, time efficiency, cost savings, and premier quality are the results of this technology, making it popular among construction firms.

This technology is much faster than conventional methods, including cast-in-place concrete applications. It cuts down the process by 50% and minimizes downtime, which can help you grow your business to greater levels.

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