Top Shotcreting Mistakes To Avoid

April 7, 2022

Top Shotcreting Mistakes To Avoid

The shotcrete method has been booming in the construction industry due to its numerous benefits. It is becoming increasingly prevalent as more contractors are using it instead of the traditional cast-in-place concrete.

The final product is not only durable but is also less porous than traditional concrete. The process is significantly cheaper, and you can apply the concrete on hard-to-reach areas much more easily.

There are a myriad of advantages that shotcrete technology has to offer over traditional concrete applications. However, correctly applying shotcrete is the most critical aspect we should not ignore during this process. Hence, for correct concrete application it is advised that you hire a professional shotcrete service.

They know which mistakes to avoid and what steps to follow to properly apply the concrete to create the required results. However, there are several factors and mistakes that you must avoid with shotcrete application.

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Adding Too Much Water

One of the common mistakes many people and professionals make with their concrete application is adding water in excess. The water-cement ratio is an extremely delicate process, which is why this ratio needs to be followed accurately. If you mix up the quantity of water, the quality of the concrete will be compromised, which will result in reduced strength and durability.

Adding too much water to the dry mixture can directly affect the strength and durability of the concrete mixture. Moreover, waiting too long after making the concrete mixture can also affect the moisture content.

All these results compromise the strength of the final concrete material. Therefore, you must always start to spray the concrete within 45 minutes from when the material was placed in the dry mix gun. A lot of skill and knowledge is required to make sure that a proper shotcrete mixture is made.

Not Maintaining The Required Temperature

Temperature plays an important factor in the shotcrete method. The normal ratio of shotcrete materials can be applied when the temperature is above 5 degrees Celsius and less than 37 degrees Celsius.

If the temperature is above or below the specified range, contractors must use a retarding agent or accelerant to make sure the correct mixture is applied. So another common mistake which many shotcrete companies make is that they spray the mixture without taking the weather and the temperature conditions into consideration. This spraying doesn’t give the required results and might cause damage to the final strength of the structure.

Not Cleaning The Surface

Like many aspects of life, cleaning the surface on which the mixture is to be applied is also important. It is important to eliminate the residue on the surface, which helps better adhere the shotcrete mixture to the surface. It also helps to remove any loose materials from the surface, so you know that you are applying the mixture on a stable surface.

Incorrect Equipment Setup

This is a common mistake done by shotcrete contractors. They don’t know how to set up the equipment correctly and use it. This might lead to overheating the machinery, affecting the composition of the concrete and causing it to change.

Therefore, special care must be taken while setting up the equipment, the palm should be positioned close to the nozzle to ensure the entire process runs smoothly.

Final Thoughts

Hiring a professional company for the shotcrete method is necessary. The applicator must know which steps to take before applying the shotcrete mixture. Also, the contractors must have the latest equipment available for thorough application of the mixture.

Assuring the quality of the shotcrete method is necessary. Avoiding such mistakes can help you get the best results with high strength and long-lasting durability. Therefore, special care must be taken while performing shotcrete applications.

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