How Is SprayForce A Reliable Shotcrete Service?

June 9, 2022


Many construction projects relied on traditional concrete application methods using hand or other manual tools in the past years. Therefore, it was much needed to devise such a method where you can perform this operation much faster. The shotcrete method was developed to perform construction processes with convenience.

Shotcrete services are slowly replacing the conventional method of concrete application, mainly because of the tremendous benefits it offers. It helps in better architectural results along with high strength and durability. Moreover, this method is quite suitable for inaccessible or hard-to-reach places. It also gives better soil retention and aids in strong wall constructions.

However, hiring a reliable concrete contractor who has the right equipment and potential to work is crucial. This helps get the desired construction results that you want that can stand the test of time.

SprayForce Concrete is one of the best shotcrete companies in Calgary, offering its shotcrete expertise. We are equipped with all the equipment and experience to build strong infrastructures and buildings. Find out more about us and why we are a reliable company for shotcrete services.

What Is Shotcrete?

Shotcrete is a method of applying the concrete mixture to the designated areas using a high-pressured nozzle gun. It is usually projected at high velocity, primarily onto a vertical or overhead surface. A certified nozzleman is required to hold the equipment still so the mixture can be applied to the required area. The method is quite suitable for those construction projects where it is hard to apply the concrete because of structural complications or location issues.

What Does SprayForce Concrete Offer?

SprayForce Concrete is a shotcrete service company in Calgary. We are a COR-certified and a BBB – A+ accredited business. Our ACI – certified nozzlemen have over ten years of experience providing complete shotcrete services to residential, industrial, commercial, and architectural-based projects.

SprayForce Concrete offers its services in structural concrete, soil retention, infrastructure, and architecture. Our ACI-certified nozzlemen have experience in structural repairs, shotcrete soil nail walls, slope stabilization, erosion protection, structural walls, and architectural rock.

What Do Our Services Include?

Our shotcrete services expand to further categories to suit your construction needs. Our shotcrete services are ideal for architectural projects, infrastructure, soil retention systems, and structural shotcrete.

Our soil retention service includes constructing retaining walls to protect neighboring fences, swales, trees, electrical boxes, power poles, and sidewalks during excavation. The shotcrete in architectural service is great for creating complex designs. Similarly, structural shotcrete is used to create retaining walls, parkade walls, and other irregular-shaped walls.

Apart from these, our shotcrete services are also used in infrastructure services such as bridges, dams, tunnels construction, and repairs.

Why Should You Choose The Shotcrete Method?

Choosing our shotcrete service is one of the best decisions you can make to construct your projects. It is a method of applying the concrete mixture with the use of pressure hoses to a nozzle where it is pneumatically projected at high velocity onto a surface. It is quite a faster concrete application method and has the capability to apply directly to the surface, which enhances its density.

Choosing the shotcrete method will provide you with high compressive strength that will last for years. Moreover, it also gives low permeability, and minimal formwork is required during the process. The shotcrete method encapsulates the dense configurations of rebar. Moreover, it is also ideal for creating complex geometric shapes and structural projects which might have hard-to-reach areas.

More About Us

SprayForce Concrete Services LTD is COR certified and has been serving the area of Calgary for 12 years. We have completed numerous projects involving both wet and dry mix shotcrete applications. Our services are ideal for structural repairs, slope stabilization, architectural rock, shotcrete swimming pools, and more.

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If you want to avail professional shotcrete services with certified nozzlemen, SprayForce Concrete Services Ltd is your answer. We are proudly serving the communities of Calgary, Airdrie, Banff, Canmore, Chestermere, Cochrane, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Saskatoon, Prince George, Grand Prairie, Kelowna, Kamloops, Invermere, and Vancouver. Contact us for professional shotcrete services for your next construction project, or visit our services page here.

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