The Sustainable Benefits Of Using The Shotcrete Method

March 11, 2022

The Sustainable Benefits Of Using The Shotcrete Method

The shotcrete method goes beyond providing an easy application of concrete in numerous construction projects. Rather, it is a cost-effective method of concrete application, and many project managers have reported that they were able to complete their projects on time and within budget by opting for this method.

Developed over 100 years ago in Chicago, this method is now opted by most construction firms worldwide because of the tremendous benefits it gives. Its easy application, in even hard-to-reach areas, has made it one of the most popular methods among construction workers.

The shotcrete method has built up its reputation to be a viable choice in the construction industry. It offers many advantages in terms of sustainability and cost. Moreover, it has also contributed to green development. This blog post mentions more about the sustainable advantages of using the shotcrete method.

What Does Sustainability Mean?

Sustainability refers to protecting the future by completing what is required in the present. It is a way that doesn’t compromise the future generation’s resources.

Nowadays, it has become necessary to opt for greener solutions for construction and be more sustainable. Such solutions have less impact on the environment.

The shotcrete concrete application method offers many labor, material, and cost benefits. Learn more about some of the other sustainable benefits of using this technology below.

Shotcrete Application Has A Unique Process

The application of the shotcrete method is unique. The material is pneumatically projected at high velocity onto the targeted surface. This way, compaction is achieved during the application process, and less material is wasted. Fewer material wastage contributes to a healthy environment and saves costs.

Greener Mixture Is Used

Another sustainable advantage of shotcrete over other traditional methods of concrete application is that it opts for greener solutions and mixtures. Shotcrete concrete application mixture consists of items such as fly ash, slag, silica fume, and metakaolin. These items are used in the place of cement. These materials are called Supplementary Cementitious Materials (SCMs). They produce fewer emissions of CO2 during their production.

On the other hand, 1 ton of cement production produces 1 ton of carbon dioxide. This can severely impact the environment. Plus, traditional methods waste more cement material during the construction process. This means more cement manufacturing will be required for it, ultimately resulting in more CO2 production.

Most SCMs are byproducts or waste recycled and used for construction purposes. Moreover, they also contribute to zero carbon emissions. They also offer improved workability, pumpability, and strength, making the structure last for years to come.

It Stabilizes The Soil

Shotcrete has been used to stabilize soil for excavation purposes. It is becoming an ideal method for ground support in mining and excavation. The materials and methods used in the shotcrete application give better strength and durability compared to traditional timber and steel shoring techniques.

This means fewer restorations and repairs will be needed when shotcrete technology is used originally to build tunnels, mines, and more. This less need for restoration will require less cement production.

This makes the shotcrete concrete application method much more suitable than traditional poured-in-place methods. Shotcrete gives better strength by covering each point on the surface and leaving no gaps behind. It gives good consolidation and minimizes the formwork.

Faster Application

Shotcrete technology is much faster than other cast-in-place methods of concrete application. It can speed up the process up to 33% – 50%. This speed, coupled with the accuracy of shotcrete, minimizes downtime. So, less time is spent on the correction of mistakes, and thus, the construction project can be completed faster.

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