The Environmental Benefits Of Shotcrete Services

March 16, 2023

The Environmental Benefits Of Shotcrete Services

The technique of using shotcrete is not new. It was created about a century ago. In Chicago in 1909, Carl Akeley created the first cement gun. Since then, this technique has been utilized in several construction projects, including the building of bridges, tunnels, swimming pools, and various types of residential and commercial buildings.

Through time, this technology has become a popular construction technique. Additionally, the technique is still being improved in terms of batching, manufacturing transportation applications, and quality control systems. Professional shotcrete companies take serious consideration of safety measures and sustainability of the environment when offering shotcrete services.

Many critics also regard the technique as a sustainable construction method. So the question is, how does it contribute to environmental sustainability, and is it among the construction industry’s most sustainable solutions?

This blog post delves deeper into this topic and explains how this technology benefits the environment.

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No Specialized Equipment Is Required

The absence of cranes, pumps, and forms is among shotcrete technology’s main environmental advantages. Seasoned shotcrete service providers avoid the need for this kind of equipment by applying the material considerably more quickly than traditional methods to place and repair concrete as it employs a hose and a concrete mixture.

In turn, this lessens the smoke and pollutants that such machinery produces, which can have an adverse effect on the environment, particularly in regions where the building is taking place.

Hence, it is possible to limit environmental contamination to a great extent and complete the procedure much more quickly than with conventional methods by choosing shotcrete technology.

Shotcrete Utilizes Additional Components

By substituting SCMs such as fly ash, silica fume, slag, and metakaolin for cement, this technology has also evolved into a green technique. A tonne of carbon dioxide is produced during the manufacturing of one tonne of cement using traditional methods of application.

However, in the case of SCM, the addition of the aforementioned substitutes lower the mixture’s cement concentration which ultimately lowers carbon dioxide emissions. As a result, this substitution with SCMs can aid in lowering the overall carbon footprint.

SCM is renowned for offering benefits like greater effectiveness for fresh shotcrete, enhanced strength, and endurance with excessive chemical resistance, in addition to lowering carbon footprints.

It Supports The Soil’s Stabilization

Shotcrete’s use to support soil for excavation operations is another advantage that helps the environment. In comparison to traditional cement applications or steel shoring procedures, the materials and methods employed in this application give you higher strength and durability.

This implies that less cement will need to be used and that less maintenance and repair work will be needed as a result of this technique.

Usage Of A Greener Mixture

Shotcrete has another sustainable benefit over other conventional concrete application techniques in that it favours greener mixtures and methods. The mixture used to apply shotcrete to concrete includes materials like fly ash, slag, silica fume, and metakaolin. Cement is substituted with these materials. Supplementary Cementitious Materials is the name given to these materials (SCMs).

They generate fewer CO2 emissions while they are being produced.

Yet, the manufacture of cement results in the emission of 1 tonne of carbon dioxide, as mentioned earlier. The environment may be negatively impacted by this. Moreover, using conventional procedures results in greater cement material waste during building. As a result, more cement will need to be produced, which will increase CO2 emissions.

Sustainable Approach

Shotcrete technology offers a sustainable approach to building strong, long-lasting structures, making it an environmentally beneficial and sustainable alternative. Since its inception, this sector has used innovative green technologies to apply concrete.

Aside from that, this technology is favoured by construction companies due to its benefits in terms of safety, time consumption, cost savings, and premium quality.

Compared to traditional techniques, such as cast-in-place concrete applications, this technology is substantially faster. It minimizes downtime and shortens the procedure by 50%, both of which can aid in the expansion of your company.

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