4 Tips On How To Maintain Your Concrete

November 3, 2022


Concrete is the main element when it comes to constructing residential, commercial or industrial buildings and like most materials, it ages. However, with proper maintenance, you can increase its life by as much as 10 years.

No matter what you are building, concrete plays an integral role in providing durability and sustainability to your structure. Whether you are building a concrete swimming pool or a residential building, you will need concrete to make the structure strong and everlasting.

Therefore when you start a construction project, it is important to hire the best concrete contractors from a certified concrete company, as only the professionals will know how to use the concrete in the best way possible during construction and how to maintain it once the project is completed.

A common mistake that most people make is that once the construction project is complete, they forget to take care of the structure and concrete.

Concrete is a construction material that needs the most care and maintenance after completion because if not maintained adequately, it will lose its durability and become prone to problems like cracks, scaling and discolouring.

There are many ways you can maintain your concrete and increase its lifespan. This blog post will outline the top 4 tips that will help you maintain your concrete.

Keep Your Concrete Clean

Keeping it clean is the first and foremost important tip that will help you maintain your concrete. We all have grown up listening to our elders say cleanliness is godliness, and we all know the importance of cleaning.

Concrete is no different when it comes to cleaning; it also needs to be kept clean and free from all sorts of dust, debris and other mucky particles. So, whether you have a large concrete swimming pool or a small concrete driveway, you must keep it clean.

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Hence if you want to maintain your concrete and increase its lifespan, you must keep it free from dust and debris. Also, when your concrete is kept clean, it gives your concrete a neat and attractive appearance, which will ultimately increase your building’s curb value appeal.

Remove Stains

A common mistake that most people make is that they don’t pay much attention to stains and spots on their concrete, so if you are also one of those people, then it’s time you change.

Stains on your concrete, if not dealt with on time, can lead to permanent discolouration and scaling.

For instance, if you spot your vehicle leaking oil on your concrete driveway, clean it immediately; otherwise, it will lead to discolouration and staining. Hence if you want to protect the appearance of your concrete, then make sure to remove any stains from it immediately.

Never Use Low-Quality Chemicals

Never make the mistake of using low-quality chemicals on your concrete driveways, patios and swimming pools. Most people end up using low-quality chemicals when they spot scaling, cracks or spots on their concrete.

Using low-quality chemicals will only ruin the concrete and ultimately decrease its durability. Hence make sure that you never use low-quality chemicals to cure your concrete.

If you ever spot cracks in your concrete, especially concrete used in your swimming pool, call a certified concrete contractor right away and get it fixed by professionals. These contractors are experienced and skilled and will know how to fix all sorts of concrete problems efficiently.

Don’t Put Extra Weight

Concrete is known for being highly durable and sustainable, but this does not mean that you can put as much weight as you like on your concrete.

Every concrete is built differently and can bear weight according to its strength; for instance, your concrete driveway is constructed to hold the weight of your vehicle, but if you park heavy equipment or trucks on your concrete driveway, it will start to crack.

So if you don’t want your concrete driveway or patio to get damaged, then make sure not to exceed the weight limit.

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