Top 6 Economical Advantages Of Using The Shotcrete Method

September 23, 2021

Top 6 Economical Advantages Of Using The Shotcrete Method

Thanks to its tremendous benefits in terms of sustainability and cost, the shotcrete method is replacing conventional methods of applying concrete and similar materials. Architects, construction contractors, and laborers are using this method because of its ease and efficiency. Its compressive strength, low permeability, and resistance against extreme weather have made it far more superior to the conventional methods of concrete application.

Wet-mix spraying and dry-mix spraying are both used to construct both residential, and commercial structures.

The shotcrete method offers a myriad of benefits when it comes to economical construction. Less material is wasted and fewer laborers are required for the task. This blog post mentions how the shotcrete method provides a more economical alternative to the traditional methods of applying concrete on different surfaces.

It Is Stronger Than The Traditional Method

Traditionally, the form-and-pour method was used on construction sites. It required the workers to maintain the consistency of the material and form it while applying it to the designated place. Moreover, as compared to concrete applied using the shotcrete method, concrete applied using the conventional method has a lower life span. When its compressive strength exceeds the point of 200 PSI, it is considered structural. This makes the shotcrete method a stronger option for construction since it will require less maintenance.

Foundation Support For Underground Construction

Underground construction work is costly and requires special supervision to ensure that everything is done correctly. Tunnels, pools, and mines are just some examples of major underground construction projects.

After blasting or excavations, it gives good foundational support for your projects and gives good slope stabilization. In underground structures, this method is preferred as it is an easy way to reach hard-to-access places. It also helps in saving costs on hiring laborers.

It Minimizes Re-Construction Costs

The shotcrete method can give your project the strength it needs. Over time, buildings succumb to wear and tear and degrade in its outlook and constructional strength. Architects and building owners need to revamp these structures, otherwise they will not retain their form.

The shotcrete method minimizes the chance of damage done to the buildings by providing a stronger concrete application solution. Everyone can benefit from the shotcrete technology by avoiding re-construction in the later years.

It Is A Faster Method

In the ever-growing construction market of today, many people are looking for fast and efficient solutions to minimize the effort and time it takes to complete a project. The shotcrete method is much faster than the conventional methods of concrete application.

With its speed and versatility for numerous applications, this method is becoming a popular choice. Projects that took 2-3 years for completion can now be completed in a year, and that too with much better accuracy, strength, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency.

It Requires Less Labor

In conventional methods, more workforce was needed to mix the structure, take it to its desired place, and then apply it. And, more workforce was required when the area of application was hard to reach or inaccessible. The shotcrete method has minimized this need for labor by replacing it with the necessary equipment. In comparison, with the shotcrete method, only the laborer operating the machine is required at the site.

Less Cost For Machines

The shotcrete method also reduces the cost of machines in the construction project. Instead of buying two separate machines for mixing and pumping, you can invest in a single machine that does the job.

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