Using Shotcrete In Construction

February 2, 2023


Shotcrete, gunite, or sprayed concrete is concrete that is projected at a high velocity onto a surface through a hose. Cement, aggregates, and water are combined to create shotcrete, which is typically reinforced with traditional steel rods, steel mesh, or fibre.

Shotcreting is done using a mortar gun or concrete sprayer and a compressor. In light of the shortcomings of the traditional concrete pouring method, the development of shotcrete technology has made it considerably simpler to build domes and tunnel linings.

However, the shotcrete application requires a high amount of diligence, technical knowledge, and adherence to the standards. Thus, professional concrete contractors play a critical role in maintaining standards by sticking to industry best practices and relevant laws. This widely accepted and used technique can be utilized to create a wide range of cementitious structures in the construction sector.

Shotcrete is typically applied to a gashed surface to prevent it from disintegrating. However, its rising use in constructing underground support in the mining industry signifies that it is equally beneficial for large-scale projects as well. It is clear that this is just the beginning, and shotcrete’s versatility has a lot of potential that still needs to be explored.

In this blog post, we shall explore shotcrete application as an integral part of the construction industry.

What Makes Shotcrete Preferable In Construction:

Because shotcrete requires less formwork than traditional concrete, it is more affordable. Besides the latter, shotcrete is preferable due to the following points:

  • It merely requires a nozzle operator for pouring, which makes the application quite straightforward
  • It is highly durable owing to the high pressure at which it is shot and the resulting compactness
  • It has low permeability and is resistant to fire, disasters, mold, and worms.
  • It gives a structure good thermal resistance.

Shotcrete Characteristics That Give it An Edge

When compared to traditional concrete, shotcrete has specific qualities that set it apart and give it an edge. Due to the various mixing techniques used and the application technique, this concrete application method enjoys great fame.

Below are some of the characteristics of shotcrete that give it an edge in the industry:

1. Ability To Withstand Freezing And Thawing

Shotcrete is known for its high impermeability, which makes it resistant to freezing and thawing issues in the winter. Fibre-reinforced concrete can also be used to increase its resistance qualities. Wet-mix shotcrete is more resistant to freezing and thawing than dry-mix shotcrete, and a suitable air-void system can be used to further improve its ice resistance.

Dry-mix shotcrete is still somewhat susceptible to difficulties from freezing and thawing. However, having a reputed shotcrete contractor handle your dry-mix application task can help you avoid these problems.

2. Strength

Using a lower water-cement ratio in sprayed concrete can lead to faster maturation of higher compressive strength. Spraying the concrete at a higher velocity will help to pack the concrete mass, batch-processing the materials can lead to a rapid increase in strength.

The ratio of compressive to flexural strength in sprayed concrete is comparable to that of regular concrete. In general, a trend of higher strength is seen where higher strength and lower water-to-cement ratios are related.

3. Firmness And Stability

Shotcrete is known for its high tenacity, which is the relationship between the load capacity before and after cracking. This feature helps the substrate and surface tension bond well and reduces the need for coatings or bonding chemicals in most cases.

Adding fibres to the shotcrete can further increase its load-bearing capacity after the first crack. The level of this performance depends on the type, size, shape, and amount of fibres used.

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