What To Do Before Hiring A Shotcrete Company

December 9, 2021

What To Do Before Hiring A Shotcrete Company

Many construction-related projects are heavily dependent on the shotcrete method. This is because it offers tremendous benefits as compared to the traditional cast-in-place concrete method. The shotcrete method is more efficient, less expensive, and does the job faster than other methods of concrete application.

However, applying concrete coming out of a nozzle at high velocity can be challenging. It might not be as straightforward as it seems, and any negligence can be potentially dangerous. Therefore, you must know which type of company to hire for this purpose.

This blog post mentions a few important considerations before hiring a shotcrete company.

Ask For Referrals

Your friends or family members might have hired a shotcrete service company in the past and have experience with it. Ask them to recommend you a company that can provide you with effective shotcrete services. Also, ask about their experience with that company and how likely they would recommend it.

Research On Your Own

While it may be good to ask your friends for a recommendation, researching on your own is also important. First, get familiar with its market and know about the methods so you can ask relevant questions from different vendors. Also, interpret quotes, contracts, and the quality of their services before hiring, so you know you choose the right one.

Ask For Reviews From Other Clients

Ask for references and testimonials from other clients. It is the best way to get to know the quality of a company’s work and to judge the satisfaction level of their services by asking their previous customers about their experience.

You can ask about their project delivery time and budget, how manageable it was to work with this company, and what was their communication level. Furthermore, you can also read online reviews of a company to understand the quality of its services.

Ask The Right Questions

Asking the relevant and most important questions is critical to making an informed decision. Once you have listed a couple of companies for hiring, it is time to interview them and get to know more about them. Some of the important questions you can ask are:

  • Who is on your team, and who will be working on my project?
  • How long have you been in this industry?
  • Do you have any liability insurance?
  • Do you have any worker compensation?
  • What is your estimated budget?
  • How will you manage machinery?
  • Will you manage communications with government regulations?

Such questions will help you determine the level of professionalism in a company and how they will manage the whole process.

Consider Permits

Being compliant with the local ordinances is important to make sure your process runs smoothly. Make sure to get all the permits before beginning any construction process at your site. Your contractor’s responsibility is to get the permit because they should ensure that the work performed is up to code. If anything happens, they will be liable for it.

Don’t Always Go For Lower Prices

While you want to get everything done under your budget, lower prices can equate to lower quality. Therefore, ask for a clear budget estimate and all hidden costs when shopping for quotes. Any company with higher prices and quality services is preferable than having hidden costs and poor quality services.

Final Words

Researching and narrowing down a list of options is the key to finding the best shotcrete company. Before you hire any shotcrete company, it is beneficial to consider these factors and get contract writings to make sure your process runs smoothly.

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