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Using Shotcrete to Complete Projects in Calgary

Shotcrete refers to a method of applying concrete or mortar through pressure hoses to a nozzle where it is pneumatically projected at high velocity onto a surface. At SprayForce, we are members of the American Shotcrete Association who use shotcrete to successfully complete concrete projects for clients throughout the Calgary area.

Why Shotcrete?

There are numerous applications and cost savings that this method provides. It will bond to regular or flat surfaces such as plywood, fibreboard, existing smooth concrete, rigid insulation, sheetmetal and more. It will also bond to irregular surfaces such as rough concrete, earth, shale, rock, even loose gravel.

The Shotcrete Advantage

Choosing to use shotcrete has many advantages, including:

  • Minimize formwork cost
  • Structural walls can be shotcreted against single sided forms, shoring, existing buildings or earth
  • The low slump concrete mix design of shotcrete exerts little form pressure
  • Pilasters, brick ledges, beam pockets, reglets can all be carved and finished into the shotcrete structure
  • Shotcrete shoring with soil nails or rock anchors is the best way to reduce earthwork costs by enabling the excavation to be cut vertically with no slope
  • Embedded items such as nelson studs, anchor bolts can all be placed within the shotcrete
  • The ability to construct straight, curved and regularly shaped surfaces while providing durable concrete structures
  • Simplifying the formwork and lowering cost
  • Speed of repair reduces or eliminates down time
  • Better bonding to the substrate enhances durability
  • Ability to access restricted spaces and difficult-to-reach areas

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Speed • Versatility • Cost Savings

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