Your Ultimate Guide To Shotcrete Concrete & Its Applications

September 30, 2021

Your Ultimate Guide To Shotcrete Concrete & Its Applications

The shotcrete method is gradually replacing the conventional methods of concrete application as well as other similar materials. This is due to the wide-range of benefits shotcrete concrete offers in terms of cost-effectiveness and sustainability. It has been used by professionals in various industries, such as by construction contractors, architects, and laborers due to its ease and efficiency.

Shotcrete’s weather resistance capacity, compressive strength, and low permeability have made it superior to the conventional methods of concrete application. Read our post to learn more about the advantages and applications of shotcrete, but first, let’s learn more about what exactly shotcrete is.

What Is Shotcrete?

Shotcrete is a very fine concrete or mortar applied to surfaces. It is a mixture of aggregate and portland cement and used with water inside a spray gun that has a nozzle attached to it. When compressed air is conveyed to the nozzle, the mixture is sprayed out at a high velocity onto the prepared surface. It can then be carved or troweled almost immediately.

Shotcrete offers numerous advantages over conventional concrete in that it requires less formwork and only a small, portable plant for its manufacture and placement. Additionally, it bonds well with numerous materials, which makes it a worthwhile consideration.

Preparation Of Shotcrete

Typically, shotcrete consists of one part cement and four parts sand by weight and 7 percent water by mass of dry ingredients. It can also include admixtures and coarse aggregate. It is usually made by the following two methods:

Dry Mix Process

In this type, the dry ingredients are premixed with water. Then, this mixture of damp sand and cement is conveyed to the delivery equipment through a delivery hose pipe.

Wet Mix Process

This type of shotcrete involves the premixing of water and all other ingredients. These include cement, small-sized coarse aggregate, and sand which are then added to the delivery equipment.

The dry mix process is preferred when lightweight concrete is needed. Its lower water-cement ratio results in higher strength, less dry shrinkage, less creep, and higher durability. While in the wet process, you can easily achieve higher durability by using air-entraining agents.

Properties Of Shotcrete

  1. A small aggregate for application.
  2. It has a higher cement content than conventional concrete.
  3. It enhances the durability of the surface it is applied to in most cases.
  4. Unlike conventional concrete’s cohesiveness depending on vibration, shotcrete is consolidated by a high-velocity jet that hits the surface. Due to rebound, this process increases the cement content and brings about different air-void systems that prevent frost damage and affect its durability.
  5. Shotcrete is more fluid and durable and exhibits compressive strength.

Applications Of Shotcrete

Shotcrete has numerous applications in various types of construction-related and other projects. It is used in residential, commercial, and industrial settings for various construction projects. It can also provide ground support during landscaping, architecture work, dome building, and different types of repair and restoration work. It is also used to make swimming pools, skate parks, and the refractory lining of kilns and chimneys.

Moreover, it is used to stabilize rock slopes and provide temporary protection of freshly excavated rock surfaces. It has aquatic capabilities that make shotcrete perfect for water retaining structures, prestressed and hydroelectric complexes.

Benefits Of Shotcrete

  • Has aquatic capabilities
  • Longevity properties
  • Requires less formwork
  • Saves you time & money
  • Customizable due to additives
  • Easy to apply
  • Excellent bonding in nature

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